Thursday, October 16, 2008

Mid Month Memories

Well, first of all my chunk of love is now six months old! So what does she do now...DRIVE ME NUTSO!!  She wakes up at the most inconvenient times!!  For instance, she wakes up at 4:30 - and we don't have to wake up until 6 - so I wake up and don't want to fall completely back to sleep but I want to sleep!  She goes right back to sleep nicely and I end up having to wake her up to go to work!  She also HATES FORMULA!  We are now sneaking it in her bottles one ounce at a time - otherwise she becomes a basketcase and we are all in tears!  I thought she would get used to it but MAN, she knows what she wants and it is NOT formula!  She still struggles with food - she would rather just have bottles.  She does all that and we still adore her!  We love her more and more everyday!  We think she is the greatest baby in the world!  She melts our hearts with her beautiful smile and sweet personality.  She is so funny - she is shy - people will talk to her and she will grin and hide her face.   She thinks Anna is hilarious and Anna loves entertaining her - alittle too much I might add!!  She is starting to try and copy us - so we are doing a lot of spitting and sticking our our tongue at each other - she will even fake cough - which is my personal favorite.  She will make a serious face and cough - how sweet is that?  She can ALMOST sit up by herself.  She had her first big girl bath - that was fun with LOTS of splashing!! And, a tooth has just popped up - not much just barely broke through.  That's great considering I thought she would have one "any day now" for 3 months!  

The big kids are doing GREAT too.  We just went on another field trip with Noah - the Alabama Symphony and the McWane Center.  My sister went on this one and it was fun.  We stayed at the McWane center for 3 hours....a little scary!!!  Trying to keep up with 5 kids in the middle of hundreds!  Too much over stimulation - but the kids loved every minute of it!  I woke up a little sore this morning from walking so much yesterday - I really need to exercise more!!

This was one of Noah's favorite things...Dodgeball...It was so funny because you have to dodge that little ball on the floor and Noah was like a magnet to it.  He would jump away from it and land right on the ball.  He had Silena and I laughing so hard!  Will on the other hand is very serious about the game...and good at it too!!  That's Will in midair!

Out of all the things to entertain us at the McWane Center to entertain us - this was my personal favorite!  Can you tell who all those are?  It's Me, Silena, Noah (under me) and Will (under Silena).  We had to tell them to quit to sticking their tongue out because that was nasty.  Look at Noah's mouth wide open!!

I'm shocked that Noah did this!  He is officially big now!  I'm so proud.  I was more nervous then him!  I thought he would get out there and freeze!  But he was pretty proud of himself too!

We are going to Ponderosa tomorrow for Fall Break and the kids are so excited.  I find myself excited too!!  Next week we are going to the pumpkin patch with Anna's class.  That is always so fun!   And I will blog right after!!  So I leave you with a few sweet pictures of my SWEET ANNA!  
And the two rats together!


Amy said...

Great pictures! I love those chunky cheeks of Mary's! We loved the McWane center! looks like a lot of fun!!!
I can't believe you chose Ponderosa over the Watson house for fall break :(

beth spray said...

too sweet! mary sure is growing quickly!! anna is beautiful and noah looks like such a sweet kid! i am still amazed that you have three! wow! you are a great mom!!

Christy D said...

Sweet pictures! Loved the ones of the kids with Jim. And the ones of you and Silena and Chad. Can't believe how old Cole is now!

Missy said...

Mary is such a good combo of ya'll!

That thing at Mcwane with the faces...ok think about how many people in a day push there face in those things! How many snotty nosed kids!!! Thats all I could think about when we did it, and yet it is soooo addicting :)

Have fun at Ponderosa!

care-in said...

What fun!!

Trace Car Driver said...

YAY!!!! soooo glad you blogged before you got too behind. and you didn't let me down. love it! the pics are great... lil mary is too sweet, i should've taken her out of her seat and got some lovin the other nite! i love the pic of the faces at mcwane... silena looks just like francie, i did a double take!! anyways. have a great time at camp, can't wait to see the next blog!! love ya.

bretsgirl said...

I love the pictures!! It makes me miss you guys so much more. I am glad that I will be back to see you guys more often!