Monday, September 29, 2008

Update on Josiah and Specific Prayer Request

Josiah is going home today Friday October 3 - 3 weeks after his accident! This is truly amazing considering he was supposed to be in ICU for 3 weeks. The Lord has continued to show himself very powerful in the life of Josiah. Continue to pray for them as they go home.

This message is from Jason and Janna from the Caring Bridge site...pray today if you come across this! Thank you!

Dr. Blount, the lead neurosurgeon, came in this morning and determined that today will be the day for Josiah’s body to determine whether or not it will regulate the fluid. In laymen’s terms, they are pushing him without restraint to see how much fluid gathers throughout the day. If the levels are moderately low, they will remove the drain and monitor his progress. If he remains active and the cranial pressure doesn’t increase, then the likelihood of him requiring a shunt is low. If the fluid levels are high, then the doctor indicated that a shunt will be put in relatively soon.

Our desire continues to be that Josiah be fully healed, without the slightest indication, physically or cognitively, of the accident. Please pray that he can regulate this fluid! The fluid will be monitored throughout the day. Once I learn new details, I will post them. We appreciate your prayers and continued support.

Resting in His Grace

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Mary 5 Months

How Sweet is SHE! Emily came and took pictures of Mary yesterday and they are all good! We had a good time! Go look at them - I love Emily but I also love her perspective in picture taking!

I feel like this is my last month of babiness!! Around six months she will start sitting up and then crawling and then walking! It's flying by but she has become the sweetest cutest best baby ever!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Josiah - Jehovah is my Healer

Or God will save! That gives me chill bumps!

Friday morning Josiah (17 months) pulled the family TV on himself and suffered severe head trauma. He is the son of our Associate Pastor - Jason and Janna Carrier and have personally become great friends of ours. The Lord is doing amazing things through the life of Josiah Carrier and you can become involved in this "Miracle" - check out his caringbridge site for updates on his continued progress and pray! The doctors are amazed at his progress and we are able to see - Jehovah is his HEALER!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Baby/Kid Tips

I was tagged by Rachel and it was so fun to look back on the kids! What I learned from this project is that Noah is a CHARACTER! And kids are so fun and cute! The pictures are bad because I had to scan them so don't be sad that I have awful pictures - the originals are GREAT!
Never suppress the artist within:

Don't drink Bathwater

Baby beds are a comfy place for your baby to rest

Who said there was Caffeine in Chocolate?

Real Boys don't have to wear pants as long as they carry their power tools

And REALLY secure boys can sleep with pink blankets!

Always wear a helmet inside or out!

Girls can't play football

One size fits all

My kids are too young to do house chores

No they can't play "on" the computer.

You are never older than you feel

Life with a new baby is BLISS!

I'm really serious about that!

Last but not least...are we SERIOUSLY letting our kids drive us around ALREADY!

So, who am I gonna tag...Jamie (b/c Trace is a mess I know), Beth (she has great stories) and I personally would love to see everyone do it. I know Michelle and Abbey are hilarious and would do a GREAT job at giving "advice!"