Friday, August 1, 2008


We just finished our last VBS for the summer. It was our home churchs too! And it was so fun...My kids are addicted to VBS right now. They are sad that it's over...but yesterday I overheard Noah tell Anna that we get a day off from VBS tomorrow! We've been going for 2 weeks now! I've had a great time too - I had so much fun getting to know our church family even better! And, Mary even had fun...Look how CUTE! The nursery people made that shirt for her...I'm very impressed!! They all love her and say she's "PERFECT!" I just smile and nod and say "I know - isn't she!"

I can't believe that now school is right around the corner! Only 19 more days for Noah and 22 more days for Anna and Mary!


Amy said...

I like your new background!

Trace Car Driver said...

this pic is crackin me up!!! and i also love the new background!!