Monday, August 18, 2008

I just wanted to write this down so I could remember this...

The other night we were doing "Story and a Song - and Prayer" and it was Noah's turn to pray and he was telling God how awesome He is and how we aren't and this is his exact words...
"God you are so awesome! We don't deserve this house, we deserve to live outside and eat our rotten apples!"

(FYI - we have a crab apple tree in our front yard!)

I love the way Noah thinks!

And Anna last night was talking about her toys and she said,

"You know those toys you just can't stand to love!"

Do you have any of those toys - the ones you can't stand to love!

I think God is pretty awesome myself and I'm so thankful he gave me THREE GREAT KIDS!


Abbey said...

Girl, that is so sweet. I love those prayers!

Trace Car Driver said...

love it... glad you wrote it down b/c sadly, you will forget all these cute things they say i'm sure! and on the other post about mary eating... just give that girl the good stuff in the bottle and make her happy :) there will always be more time for baby food! ha. how much did she weigh at 4 months?

The Ferrill's said...

How precious! Preach it Noah and Anna!
I like the story, song, prayer. Is that what yall do for a nightly devotion? Tell me more...I like fresh ideas!

Southern Cheesehead said...

that's awesome! can't wait until Rebel Rousers!