Sunday, July 6, 2008

A Happy 4th!

We had a GREAT 4th of July weekend. We tend to celebrate holidays - not as a day...but as DAYS! Our weekend started off Thursday. The Barons had a baseball game with 4th of July fireworks to follow. We went with my sister and her family - the kids in years past have been horrified by the fireworks but we kept taking them back in hopes they would one day be able to sit and enjoy them and KNOW the fireworks were not going to hurt them...Well 4 years later we finally got the results we have so longed for! ALL the kids - even FRANCIE...loved the fireworks. They would cheer and comment on their favorites. FUN!! And the Barons won too! Fun game!

Then, Friday my parents called and wanted to go to Oak Mountain for a picnic. That sounded fun so we drove down. Dad had a brilliant idea of us all riding together - which meant him and Jason in the very back of the Explorer. Three kids in the middle seat and mom and I in the front! We decided on Jim N' Nicks and went thru the drive thru. I'm so glad I thought to check the bag because we didn't have our meat!! Just bread and sides...So that took a while to go back in the already VERY BUSY Jim N' Nicks and get things straight but we got it all fixed. Then we drive over to Oak Mountain. The first thing my dad says is... "Well, it just took us 2 hours to drive 5 miles!" We thought that was hilarious because it was pretty much true! But we had fun eating out there. Mary's highlight was she found a stick! I took a picture of Anna in a tree - and it's the same tree I had a picture made of me in when I was about six...that was neat! Same sassy attitude too! Noah loved the water and he played at the edge - he buried two little dead fish - doesn't that sound so fun! My dad found a worm and threw it in and some fish came all fighting for it and that was the highlight of Noah's trip! Poor thing has never been fishing. We MUST take him! He is starting to get all interested in that stuff! The boy in him is fighting to get out!!

Those were the big fourth celebrations! Saturday we went to a friends house from church which the kids really enjoyed and Sunday Jason preached at CHBC again. We were supposed to have our church's 4th on the 6th celebration with a blowup waterslide - which they did and the kids loved it - it was really cold I think but it started thunder and lightening and everyone scurried in so we didn't get to celebrate but for 30 mins! Which was sad. And I didn't get any pictures of them sliding - I thought - I'll take pictures of them after I eat! Bad IDEA!! We had fun anyway! I'm a little sad our weekend is over! But this week will be just as fun and exciting. We are having a work Lake Party Tuesday-Wednesday and then Amy is coming in town so YAY for another fun week!! I better rest up tomorrow!!


Trace Car Driver said...

well i guess you are having fun at your picnic/lake day... wish we had something cool like that! love the pics from the 4th... your parents make me laugh - your dad with corn all over his face :) and everyone crammed in the explorer - that's funny stuff. oh, and the fact that after 4 years the kids finally like the fireworks - persistance pays off, right?? call me when you get not so busy and i'll come over!!! love ya.

The Ferrill's said...

What a fun fourth! Page I love the way you write all the details, it makes me feel like I'm a Dollar! ;)
I bet yall had tons of fun with your mom and dad! I want to see the picture of you in that tree and compare you with Anna!
Can't wait to see you and Amy this week!