Monday, June 16, 2008

Fabulous Fathers Day - WEEKEND!

We had a GREAT weekend. The kids have ABSOLUTELY loved being off for the summer. Last week the kids went to VBS at Clearview and they gave it a TWO THUMBS UP! Way to go peeps at Clearview...the kids had fun which in turn made Jason have a GREAT week full of SHALOM and quiet!

Then Friday after VBS the kids went to play with Will and Francie at Recreation Station...SO FUN! Let me just tell you the one secret we found out...go at 3:30 - Day Cares bring kids and it can get wild but at 3:30 we practically had the place to ourselves! Noah learned a valuable lesson about gambling too! DON'T PLAY MACHINES THAT DON'T GIVE TICKETS!! He tried to win a stuffed animal and used all his tokens on a machine that didn't give tickets...come ticket time to pick out a piece of JUNK (I mean a prize) - he had none. But my heart felt bad for him (he was trying to win the Kung Fu Panda for Will) so I let him win a FEW tickets. Next time he isn't playing games that don't give tickets...WHICH BY THE WAY - I HATE THAT SYSTEM!! I paid $2.00 for a tattoo and a piece of CANDY!

Let's see...Saturday...I can't remember - must have been good. Let me see...I slept late and by that I mean I slept in between feedings. That was the highlight for me. Oh, and Mary is learning to sleep through the night. Thursday night 9 1/2 hours, Friday night 8 hours, Sat...not so much, Sunday 6 and last night 6!! YAY MARY!! Keep it coming! Below is how we wrap her so she doesn't wake up - works beautifully!

Sunday...Jason preached at CHBC and Michele...I went! He did great and it was so good to see people I haven't seen in years! They all seemed happy to see me and my "growing" family! Ms. McKinney said..."Well, you've been busy!" That's funny for those of you who know her!! She's sweet!

Then we headed out to Silena's house for Father's Day much fun and pictures to prove it. I was so happy to get to see my Mamma - they drove down to drop a computer off to my Dad and stayed a while. I got an awesome picture of my grandmother, her daughter (mom), my mom and her daughters, and my sister and me with our daughters...LOVE IT!! Well, pictures say a thousand words so I'll just let you enjoy the pictures!

All in all...GREAT FATHERS DAY! And so far GREAT SUMMER!

Happy Fathers Day Jason! You far EXCEED what I could ever hope or image in a husband and Father! You are adored by all of us!! We really, really, really love you!


Jason said...

And I love you too!

care-in said...

You guys look great! Yeah for Mary!

Amy said...

Glad you had a great weekend, hope Jason did too!! :)

The Ferrill's said...

Love the pics, Page! Especially the mommy pic at the bottom!
Yall are enjoying your summer and that is AWESOME!

Silena Cvacho said...

It was really an awesome day!! We were glad to share it with you guys!! I can't wait til the next special holiday! I guess it's Fourth of July!! We love ya'll!!

Trace Car Driver said...

lovin all the pics... how fun. looks like ya'll had a great time! were ya'll at C&S with the sprinklers? i'm glad ya'll got to see mammaw and pawpaw, those were sweet pics too! can't believe your family, page, the kids are all so big. and cute!! i need some mary loving SOON! she gave me the baby fever in the first place :)

Michele said...

I'm so proud of you and that's funny Ms. McKinney saying that. You know she just celebrated her b'day #90-something...I think 94!

I can't wait until RR next week!!!

Cynthia said...

I love you all! Jason IS such a great dad and you are a great mom. Come see us really soon!!!