Monday, May 12, 2008


I'm in the mood to just post collages and not really say much! I think I'm suffering from baby brain. None of my thoughts are very clear (I know - when are they ever?). I want to say things but then they just don't sound right or are inappropriate for the masses (you know all those people who read my blog - HA).

But, I can't do that. Our computer is broke and I'm borrowing one my dad had at his house - which means - I can't upload pictures and I can't use Shutterfly Studio! So...I'll just have to type!

First of all Mary is TERRIFIC! She went for her one month check up today and is 9 lb. 12 oz. and 22" long! That's how much Noah weighed when he was born - that fact AMAZES ME! The Dr. actually said "WHOO HOO" when discussing her weight gain and progress. She made me a proud momma!! She is 75% in height and weight. She is VERY healthy and looks great - She got a clean bill of health - 2 shots too - very pitiful!

Speaking of Mary...We had her dedicated yesterday and it was GREAT! I love the way Brian did her dedication. He took the names of the babies and read scripture pertaining to them. The first little girl was Anna and he read about the prophetess Anna from Luke (which is who we named our Anna after). And for Mary - he used Selah! He read Ps. 24 and prayed an amazing personal prayer of dedication for her. That she may have clean hands and a pure heart, not giving her soul to idols, for her salvation, that she would be part of a generation that seeks God. Thank you Brian for your friendship and shepherding of our family!

Mother's Day was also so much fun. My family was at church with us and then we had lunch at my house. The kids loved playing together and Silena (my sister) has posted pictures of the day on her blog - (to the left). It was so relaxing and the kids had us all laughing!

ALSO, another big event happened this weekend. JASON GRADUATED!! He graduated with a Master of Arts in Apologetics. YAY Jason! I'm so happy for you! It's weird but he still has to take a few summer classes and then he will receive his diploma in the mail but he actually walked Friday and he was asked to give a "speech" - it was short and very sweet! Noah looked at me while he was talking and said, "This is kinda boring!" Gotta love their honesty!! I enjoyed Jason's speech but come on...Graduation is boring! Then Patrick and Macie took us out to Tavern on the Summit - double date - NO KIDS!!! Very relaxing...

So hopefully next time I'll have pictures to show! Next up...Dance recital and then Noah graduates K5!


The Ferrill's said...

Aren't you glad May is a relaxing, slow month with not a lot of anything going on? HA!
Sounds like a precious baby dedication...can't wait to see pics!
Happy recital week!

Amy said...

COngratulations on graduating, Jason. Wow, MAry has grown alot in her first month. Are you sure the kids aren't sneaking their yucky foods to her???
Tell Jason that 6 flags has a new ride called "Squirrels a screamin" and the squirrels jump out and attack little boys.:)