Tuesday, May 27, 2008

My Mom Rocks!

I read Abbey's blog and therefore was inspired to write this one. And now I found myself asking...What do I remember about my mom from my childhood? When she is gone what will be that thing I see that makes me miss her. So I sit and think...

If it's a certain car...Well, it would be the old cars - Buick was the car of choice in our home! My dad can fix cars and they hate car payments so they always got an old car (which she hates) and would drive it until it just was beyond fixing - which is a LONG time. She rarely had air conditioning in her car and she would always crank the music up and have her arm out the window waving it just a certain way - kinda like a wave. My mom loves music and has so much rhythm it's crazy. I don't have as much as she does...she can feel a beat and it moves through her! Me, I have to try a little harder! I'm stiff I guess...That's where Jazzercise helps me (HA, HA, HA) - not her!! When it came to our car rides she would crank the music up and "dance" (as much as you could in a car) and I would sing at the top of my lungs. I remember when Jason and I were dating he mentioned one time that he loved how we sang in the car - I mean all out sing like no one's watching (that was my part as a child)! We still do that and our kids do too - no one has picked up the dancing though - Maybe Mary will be the one with rhythm!! Mom doesn't restrict her "moves" to the car either - a lady from my bible study who goes to church with her now said to me..."My husband and I love to watch your mom worship at church! She just really gets into it!" You go mom!! Dance before the Lord! (Laine and Shalita - it was Pat Singletary - funny huh!)

Speaking of dancing...Whenever I hear "Girls Just Want to Have Fun," "Time After Time" or "True Colors" - those will take me back to my mom!! They even now make me want to grab a brush and jump on the couch and dance until the songs over!! For those of you who don't know she used to dress up like Cindy Lauper and dance and lipsinc in contests. She won several!! She looked just like her it is scary!! She would also pick us up from daycare dressed up like C.Lauper! NEAT, NEAT, NEAT story! Maybe I'll post that one someday!!

I guess Christmas is another biggie. Bows and Wrapping Paper remind me of her...Her packages are wrapped perfectly and adorned with unique bows! My mom is the BEST Santa there ever was! She always made Christmas so magical! She loves Christmas and will sit down and cry when it's over (which she has passed down to me). She is a very thoughtful gift giver and her gifts are ALWAYS the best! There is no gift she can't get her hands on either - Tickle me Elmo and others...She would buy those things just to get in the thick of the shopping frenzy! She loves to sit at the mall on Christmas Eve...Knowing her shopping is done - she usually would pick up at least one thing on Christmas Eve just to "feel Christmas." She loves for the whole family to be together and we are fortunate enough to give that to her! We actually enjoy it too! About the gift giving...Christmas is her thing. She doesn't give "gifts" in pretty packages and large dollar amounts all year! It's CHRISTMAS! And we are the same way now. Birthdays you get something reasonable like a giftcard. Christmas you usually get what you want and she enjoys the challenge of finding it!

I love the fact that my mom loves her family and has taught us to do the same! She loves to be around my sister and me and our kids! Just to be...not to do anything...Just to enjoy the company of family! I eat lunch with her (and now my dad) at least once a week - just us! I love our talks and I especially love when she calls just to see if I have something to say...I love when she says, "I don't have anything new!" and I say "Me Either! I'll talk to you tomorrow!" Because usually tomorrow will hold something "new" to talk about! I feel like we are best friends! I think "MY MOM ROCKS!"

I think my little family rocks too! And who knows what they will remember about me when they grow up!

My Mothers Day!

And if you think..."That Page...She's Crazy!!" I get it from my mom!! Can I get an AMEN from those of you who know her!! Now that I've sat here and thought about her I have a million more memories and there are things like Diet Coke Caffine Free, the Titanic, and Home Alone that all remind me of her ...I'll stop with those! She has helped shape me into the woman and mom I am today! I love her!!

Leave a comment about what you remember about your mom...better yet write a blog about it! And to all my "Mom" friends...I hope you had a GREAT Mothers Day!


Amy said...

What a great post, Page! I always enjoy being around your Mom too. She is just fun!
Hey, that is a great pic of you and the kiddos.

Abbey said...

Great post!

Trace Car Driver said...

AMEN SISTA! aunt lou lou is the best! you didn't mention retreats or beach trips or secret walmart runs to buy crock pots b/c if your dad knew he would kill her :) or always outdoing herself and cooking waaaayyy too much no matter what the occasion. and i love it how she refers to the kids are girl baby or boy baby! your mom does rock page! and yeah, i guess that's where you get it from!

Silena Cvacho said...

I have to say I agree!! I love her sooo much, I just wish I could be half as awesome a mom as she is!!! My favorites are laughing til you pee in your pants, movies, malls, and rice crispy treats (for Clint)!!
Love Ya, Silena

Dollar General said...

Silena...I almost mentioned those rice crispies but they have to be HERS - HOMEMADE - not the ones they make - hers are so much better than the store bought ones!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, you make me laugh and cry at the same time. Your mom does rock! I love sitting down and thinking about fun memories and sharing those with my girls. What a great blog and what great pictures! Your Mother's Day picture is beautiful! I hope you had a memorable one!
Love you,

MOM said...

Thank you sooo much for all the fun remembrances of our life together. It has always been a real joy to be your Mom. God was so good to me when he trusted me to take of you for Him. You have blessed my life beyond measure! Being a Mom & Granny are the best things I've ever been able to do. I'll love you always!! Children are truly a blessinig from the Lord! MOM

The Ferrill's said...

Aw Page, your mom DOES rock! And that is hysterical that Pat Singletary said that!
I love your mom. She told me that I'm so sweet I make her cry! ;)