Saturday, May 31, 2008


First of all Mary has reached her first milestone...

She is growing out of her socks!


Noah Graduates K-5!!


Anna finishes her first year of K4 as Miss Delaware whose state insect is a Lady Bug!

The details are few and far between! Noah graduated K5 - as handsome as ever and he did GREAT in his program. He started not feeling well Wednesday and I'm pretty sure I just prayed him all the way thru Thursday. He felt awful before school and after school and then right before his program and then after his program! He had some lines and you could not tell he wasn't feeling well. Mrs. Vigneulle said he did the best he had ever done! So, I'm thanking the Lord we didn't have to miss the BIG DAY! Here's a clip of one of his lines...Brings tears to my eyes!! Phil 1:6...

While the K5 got dressed in their cap and gowns the K4 sang the Fifty Nifty United States. I'm not sure if any of you have heard that song...VERY CUTE, and Anna now knows all the 50 states. She was Delaware. Each child had a line to recite about each state. Anna had to say..."I was the first state to ratify the Constitution and home to the first state university. My state insect is a lady bug, I am Delaware." Here's a clip of her lines...SO PROUD!!

Jason is not in ANY of the pictures because he had to run the sound, set up the risers, and take them down. I wish I could have got him in at least one picture. Granny and Grandaddy came too and we sat in the Balcony and waved and cheered for the kids...It was MUCH funner up there! We had a GREAT night and I'm in SHOCK that my baby boy is going into the first grade. But before he does we are gonna have a FUN summer!!

Summer...Summer...Summer...Summer...What time is it? Summer time. It's our vacation! (High School Musical - sing it with me...You know you want to!!).


Clint Cvacho said...

Anna looks so cute as a ladybug and Noah so handsome. We are sorry to have missed the show!! I can't believe it's already over- it went by so fast!! Summer is here and lots of fun ahead!!! So get ready bowling, movies, recreation station, sprinklers and pools!!! Yippey!!

Love Ya'll, Silena

Anonymous said...

What FUN! Lots of things going on in the Dollar Family! I love all the pictures. YEA!!! I love summer! I sure wish it was a full three months like it used to be. Enjoy every minute of every day. I hope to see you guys more over the summer. Tell Baby Mary to slow down until I get to see her.
Love you,

care-in said...

Yeah for summer and first grade!

Trace Car Driver said...

can't believe the kiddos are all so big - even mary! i love how she is growing out of her socks - too cute! noah and anna both did great in their play, but it's hard to believe they are old enough for that! congrats on your beautiful children and their accomplishments! oh - and on jason's graduation too. what's next on the agenda?????

Walker said...

I'm drumming on the table right now... ;0) (singin with ya)

Congrats to all the Grads!!

Eubanks said...

Hey Page - I LOVED reading the updates on the fam!!! I have missed you guys alot and would love to get together some time. Enjoy that baby (she is beautiful by the way) you know they grow up way too fast. I sure miss my little baby!!! Maybe we can talk soon, Andrea