Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Walking Phenomenon

Okay so I went for my visit today and they made me feel like I was a walking phenomenon!! The nurse was shocked I had been walking around for two weeks at 3 cm but that this past week I was 4 cm. And Dr. R confirmed the shock. He said I'm 4 cm and he's on call this weekend so he will be glad to see us then! SO, there you have it - when it starts there is NO STOPPING IT! I made all my doctor visits - I've never done that before - which makes me think I could make it to the 15th! I just worked my last day at Briarwood and at ARC until June! Can't believe it. AND, Jason is making me hang out with Dad tomorrow - JUST IN CASE! I love the anticipation. Any day or any minute I could go into labor and in no time have a baby.

AND folks...the heartrate thing is HILARIOUS. The tale is 140 and below boy - 140 and above girl. I had them BOTH today. It went from 153 to 138 - Jason was watching the Doppler! So, I have NO IDEA if this is a boy or girl - Just the way I like it!!

So, I'm hanging out at 38 weeks and I haven't cried about it yet!


Missy said...

I love the anticipation for you!
And your so free spirited about it...that is great.
Can't wait to check back some day soon and see a baby!

Christy said...

I almost picked up the phone and called you earlier but I thought, nah, she won't be home. I am anticipating right with you. I can't wait! Be sure that one of you posts something somewhere or send an email so we'll know when it's about to happen. Maybe Jason will call Dave from the hospital again. haha. Love you guys!

Cynthia said...

I can't wait!!! Lilah will call me, I'm sure.

Love you!!!


(AKA - Hannah and Ian's friend GiGi)

Rachel Garcia said...

okay.. i seriously think at this rate you'll be fully dialated by the 15th! What did dr. r say about stripping your membranes? Im guessing no since you didn't mention it. No induction.. girl.. you are so close! And your body is doing its thing already.. just hang in there (i know easier said then done). you can remind me when im 38 weeks. ha! Im still going to say: BOY! will i win a prize? :-)

The Ferrill's said...

Page, remember Laurie? Girl, you better camp out in the hospital parking lot. You're gonna go fast and you do not want Officer Green Jeans delivering baby Dollar and saying "ITS A .........!"
SO excited it's SO close!
Keep us posted!

Southern Cheesehead said...

Yea!!!! We're close...have Shalita or Laine call me, please so I'm not in the dark and find out through your blog!

Trace Car Driver said...

YAY - IT'S A GIRL!!!!!!!!!! congrats - we love ya'll!!!!!!

Walker said...

Congrats!!! I was anxious to hear what you were having!! So happy for you! Take care and get some rest! Two girls?... trust me.. YA GONNA NEED IT! LOL!
Amy's friend from GA.