Friday, April 4, 2008

Baby Update

Well, the end is drawing near! I can't wait to have this baby. It's gonna be so fun. My body is (so far) cooperating and is also preparing for baby. Last week I went for my dr. visit and I was 3 cm and 75% effaced. Yesterday went for visit #2 and I'm now 3-4 cm and 80% effaced. He said I definitely made some progress this week - YAY! I'm officially on the books to be induced April 15 at 6:30 AM! I will personally be SHOCKED if I make it that long but I know every baby can be different and if this one so pleases that's GREAT! I'm starting to like the idea of it being scheduled - just because I know where the kids are and husband, parents and Sally and Delilah can get off work. I'm not springing anything on anybody. But - we've figured this out before and we can figure it out again. I have these blissful thoughts if it was scheduled Noah and Anna could be there and be the ones to tell everyone "It's a ___!" If not scheduled they may have no one to tell!

I'm one of the VERY few who enjoy my OB visits. We had a GREAT time yesterday and as usual Jason and Dr. A sat back and laughed at how insane I am. First of all, I asked what I can do to go in labor - if the old wives tales are true...Well, this one I've never heard before but maybe the locals can let me know...he said (exact words)..."Go eat at Davenports Pizza" Well then okay! Jason and I will soon make a date there. He said he has no idea why - but he has sisters that swear by it! You know next week I may try anything! Then, I asked what he thought I was having, he said he has no idea. I said just he guessed GIRL. Immediately I asked - "Why did you say that?" His answer..."You told me to guess." Well, Dr. R thinks BOY. So, I have one who thinks it's a Boy and one who thinks it's a GIRL! Me personally - I think it's an alien baby (Noah thinks it's hilarious when I say that - he says "if it is, I'm calling it ET"). And Rachel...Last week the heartrate was 138 this week 143! So...See my dilemma! I LOVE NOT KNOWING. That has been my prayer! So, I officially have no idea what I'm having now!

In other news...My nursery is done! Like a crazy person, I changed the color from yellow to green (thank you Ronnie for painting it - I LOVE IT). I just have to get Jason to put my glider in there and it's ALL done. There's nothing on the walls though! There will be when I know if it's a boy or girl though!
I'm not packed in a bag but everything I'm taking is in the baby bed. So, I just need to get it in my suitcase. I had a baby Tea last Sunday and I got a ton of diapers, wipes, lotions, desitin and other baby essentials. Who knew I would REALLY want all that stuff and I am SO appreciative of it.

My last day of work is April 9th! I can't believe it! I only have 3 more days of work until June! WHOO HOO! But I still LOVE my new job and things have gone GREAT since I've started.

Proof that this is not the first time I've had an ALIEN BABY!

Last April

This April - who knew one year ago...BUT I LOVE IT!!


care-in said...

Send me a slice of that pizza! I love your feet picture!

Kim said...

You DO sound a little too excited to go into labor. It is fun reading about you and Karen and Crystal having babies. Thanks for keeping us posted!
Your poor feet! Keep 'em up and drink a big glass of water! Well, or just have that baby- that'll probably help.

Abbey said...

Getting closer! THat all sounds so exciting! I absolutely love labor and delivery. Love love love it.

Oh the poor swollen feet. Mine would swell too and I had to wear Daph's size 9 Birkenstocks with every outfit. But come to think of it, my boobs swelled too and I had to wear her size DD bra as well. What exactly doesn't sweel up when pregnant??

BTW, your toes look great!! Did you have a pedicure?

The Ferrill's said...

Aw what sweet feet! That is SO cute!

Page I am so excited it's getting so close! I'm praying for you and baby E.T.!

Maybe you should make the baby's initials be E.T. That would make Noah happy I bet!

Trace Car Driver said...

so yeah... mom called me ET when i was little b/c i had big eyes. wonder where trace gets his from? :) you poor thing... your feet, well, they hardly look like feet :) glad you only have 3 more days of work, i bet that's a great feeling! 6:30 is when i had to be at the hospital with dr adcock, and trace was born at 12:28!! HOW EXCITING! get some rest and keep us updated. LOVE YOU LOTS!

Amy said...

Page, your swollen feet are hilarious! Wow, I never had swollen feet, but it looks painful. Do you have names for girl/boy?
You MUST have had a pedicure, there is no way you did that yourself!!ha, ha

Rachel Garcia said...

I am so excited for you girl! I am sorry I haven't come by on tuesdays.. I will this week though! Since I will have pig tails that will have boys revealing the gender of the babe. ;-)

I can't wait for you to find out.. well us too.. Im still saying boy. Dr. A.. is just insane.. lol. Dr. R. is on the right track even though his track record is way off. I love Davenports.. And Im not even crazy about Pizza.

Have Fun@

Robyn said...

How exciting!!! It won't be long now before you find out what your precious baby is. Love the feet.
I can't wait to hear. I'll be praying for you.
Love ya!

Southern Cheesehead said...

Girl, look at those feet! Please don't tell me that I have to find out through your least have Shalita call me!

Laurie Knowles said...

Hey Page! I didn't realize you were so close. I love the picture of you feet...but I must say I am SO glad mine don't look like that anymore.

I am sorry I missed your shower. We were out of town. Let me know when that baby comes and I'll bring your gift by your house. I am kinda hoping for the 15th. April 15th is the most awesome day for a birthday. So many great people have been born on April 15th. that is MY birthday. Anyway, I hope all goes well and may you make it to the hospital in plenty of time. ;)

Daphne said...

You have a great attitude to be so far along in the pregnancy. Abbey & I would just complain to each other. But it is ALL worth it. I'll be praying for you. BTW I did let abbey wear my shoes but I don't think I loaned my BRAS!!!

Greta said...

Swollen feet - quite possibly one of the worst symptoms of pregnancy and post-partum (in my opinion).

Congrats - she's beautiful!