Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Details

For those who want the short answer...GREAT! For those interested in the DETAILS keep reading!

First of all, a friend of mine at work prayed for me before I left. She prayed the Lord would make this labor and delivery quick and painless. I was like, YEAH RIGHT - quick but surely not painless! Well, the Lord was merciful to me and obviously answered her prayer! I love her praying for me!!

I went to my last Dr. visit April 9 and as you know I was dilated and had been for a couple of weeks. Dr. Ross said if there are ANY contractions on the monitor they would "help" the process. So, I was off Thursday and rested all day long...basically put myself on bedrest...watched TV, slept...ALL DAY! It was GREAT! That night around 11 I started having that nauseated feeling and thought it could be the start of something (which made me nervous) but I was able to fall asleep. Then around 2:30 a.m. I could feel "timeable contractions" but it was definitely braxton hicks like contractions. They were not "stop you in your tracks" or anything just noticeable and they were 10 mins apart. I woke Jason up and he said "let's go!" He did not want to chance it or be on the side of the road. I felt like a goober! I knew they would send me home because they weren't even painful! But we tried.

So by about 3:30 a.m. we were at the hospital. I only had to be hooked up the the monitors - no IV or anything b/c my contractions were so far apart. They said with the third baby you can't be at the hospital too early! I was 5 cm - which was some progression even with the light contractions. So, we basically camped out at the hospital until 6:30 a.m. when the Dr. came in for the day and said - "You look like your having a baby today!" Dr. Ross was on call and we were happy about that - since we had some discussion with him that week about him possibly being the one to deliver. He gave us our POA (plan of action). He said my progression worked in my favor (to be induced), and I had the Strep B so I needed at least 4 hours of antibiotics - which he said is the main reason this worked so well! I had Strep B with Anna but she came so fast I did not get all those antibiotics but it all worked out with her. I had told the nurse to tell him NOT TO BREAK MY WATER without an Epidural because I went so fast with Anna and I didn't want that to happen again.

SO, our POA goes like this...he said we aren't going to do anything but IV and Antibiotics for about an hour, then epidural, then pitocin, then break my water or water then pitocin (can't remember). He said by noon we should have a baby. So around 7:30 a.m. we were officially "being helped!" It was painless!

My only complaints and I feel like I shouldn't even do that was when they were doing my IV and couldn't catch a vein and then the epidural! I still would not have even attempted giving birth without one but I had some side effects from it. My heart immediately started racing (and if you know me - I did not FREAK OUT - I tried my derndest to stay calm) and then after that my left eye started to dilate and get droopy! Again, if you know me - I thought I was having a stroke! But the Dr. said it's just a side effect and it will go away in about 30 mins to an hour. And he was right! It did go away - even before Mary got here.

As you know we did not find out what the gender of the baby was! Which before that day we weren't sure we would do that again. It wasn't horrible waiting, it actually didn't bother me, but if the excitement wasn't there - why not find out at 20 weeks! WELL, we will definitely not find out again!! It was SO FUN! Dr. Ross came in and said - you didn't find out but it's a girl! He said he had delivered 16 girls - NO BOYS and he said upstairs there are noticeably a lot of girls! The heart rate on the monitor when I was first got there was 125. The nurse said, you really can't go by that b/c right now it's a boy and then she waited a minute and said, now it's a girl. Her heart rate was all over the place. So - no longer will I go by that old wives tale - So, when the Dr. was there to deliver the nurse said "Wait, what does everyone think!" I stuck with BOY but everyone else said GIRL! This is kinda gross but when the head came out ALL OF THEM changed their mind - they all said, Oh the face looks like a boy - I'm changing! So, when Jason said, "HELLO MARY!" I just cried and laughed it was so exciting! The anticipation at that moment even got Jason. I've rarely seen Jason that excited - kinda giddy!

Mary Selah Dollar was born Friday April 11, 2008 at 12:29 p.m. She was 7 lbs. 13 oz and 20" long - I even noticed she was small (by the way, that's small to me!). We've really enjoyed her these past two weeks. She fits in quite nicely and we couldn't imagine life without her. I asked Noah if he loved her already, he said, YES! We talked about how weird it was that we didn't have to try and love her that emotion just came naturally - we are family! I just adore my family of 5!!

My feet after my DAY of bedrest - back to normal!


Thank You Dr. Ross!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Lovin' it!

After a week and three days I'm LOVIN it. I love having a baby girl and she is fitting right into our family. I'm probably ruining her because my favorite thing to do is hold her. Anna and Noah adore her and they are not being overbearing at all. I'm a little surprised about that - thankful too! They like time with her but then they are off to life as usual.

We have been overwhelmed at the love and generosity of all our friends, church, school, and family! We've gotten so many gifts, meals, and visits. It was nothing like this with Noah and Anna! And if you know me - I'm always up for company so it's been really fun lately! I'm still waiting on a few of you to visit ahem...SHALITA! I need my bag of salad!! I'm trying to stay "healthy"! HaHa!!

So here's what we've been up to lately! Thursday, April 17th we took Mary to see Dr. Webster and had her weighed in. She was 7 lb. 4 oz. I'm still shocked at how small she is! The Dr. said it was normal for her to lose and not to worry. She is very healthy. There is one "prayer request" though. The birthmark on her nose can possibly turn into a "Strawberry." Which means it can puff up (which would be sad b/c I think that would lead to her being cross-eyed - How can you not look at a big red bubble on the tip of your nose!). But, she said it is "fixable" - with steroids or if it's really bad - laser. She said with Dermatology and technology these days - this is not a big deal. She said just watch it and pray that it doesn't do anything. By 2 years old it will be gone all together. I hope it doesn't do anything...It's one of my favorite features of hers! So far it hasn't done anything. She said we would know in the next few months what it's gonna do. So, we are scheduled to go back for her well visit at one month! We'll see what they say!

We then headed to Target - which is always a good outing! With Noah and Anna I was out in NO TIME. This time - I'm in no hurry! We went to lunch Sat. at our favorite Chinese Restaurant "China Luck" in Pinson, the owner was so glad to see her and she held her and loved on her - that was neat! Then we went for a walk at a track near by - that wore me out! Today we went to Pablos - YUM! I haven't been there in weeks - I needed my fix! I'm sure when Pablos reaches Mary I'll regret that "outing"! And now she is sleeping on Granny's couch! Oh, and believe it or not - she experienced ARC today too!

So, that's what we've been up to! We have done A LOT of resting in between times and I'm just soaking up this newborn baby stage - it's one of my FAVORITE stages. How sweet can she possibly be!

FYI...I haven't posted a lot of pictures because I'm FURIOUS at my camera - it stinks! Either I don't know how to work it or it's a horrible camera! A lot of the pictures I take are dark or blurry! I hope to learn soon how to use it better. It's a Kodak Easyshare I just don't know what the deal is. I got it for Christmas but I guess I haven't figured it all out yet! SO, that's my deal!!

Enjoy the pictures!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

It's A GIRL!!

Introducing Mary Selah Dollar

Born April 11, 2008

12:28 pm

7 pounds 13 ounces (our SMALLEST YET!!) 20 inches long

She has very light brown hair...We personally think she's the CUTEST thing!!


Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Walking Phenomenon

Okay so I went for my visit today and they made me feel like I was a walking phenomenon!! The nurse was shocked I had been walking around for two weeks at 3 cm but that this past week I was 4 cm. And Dr. R confirmed the shock. He said I'm 4 cm and he's on call this weekend so he will be glad to see us then! SO, there you have it - when it starts there is NO STOPPING IT! I made all my doctor visits - I've never done that before - which makes me think I could make it to the 15th! I just worked my last day at Briarwood and at ARC until June! Can't believe it. AND, Jason is making me hang out with Dad tomorrow - JUST IN CASE! I love the anticipation. Any day or any minute I could go into labor and in no time have a baby.

AND folks...the heartrate thing is HILARIOUS. The tale is 140 and below boy - 140 and above girl. I had them BOTH today. It went from 153 to 138 - Jason was watching the Doppler! So, I have NO IDEA if this is a boy or girl - Just the way I like it!!

So, I'm hanging out at 38 weeks and I haven't cried about it yet!

Friday, April 4, 2008

Baby Update

Well, the end is drawing near! I can't wait to have this baby. It's gonna be so fun. My body is (so far) cooperating and is also preparing for baby. Last week I went for my dr. visit and I was 3 cm and 75% effaced. Yesterday went for visit #2 and I'm now 3-4 cm and 80% effaced. He said I definitely made some progress this week - YAY! I'm officially on the books to be induced April 15 at 6:30 AM! I will personally be SHOCKED if I make it that long but I know every baby can be different and if this one so pleases that's GREAT! I'm starting to like the idea of it being scheduled - just because I know where the kids are and husband, parents and Sally and Delilah can get off work. I'm not springing anything on anybody. But - we've figured this out before and we can figure it out again. I have these blissful thoughts if it was scheduled Noah and Anna could be there and be the ones to tell everyone "It's a ___!" If not scheduled they may have no one to tell!

I'm one of the VERY few who enjoy my OB visits. We had a GREAT time yesterday and as usual Jason and Dr. A sat back and laughed at how insane I am. First of all, I asked what I can do to go in labor - if the old wives tales are true...Well, this one I've never heard before but maybe the locals can let me know...he said (exact words)..."Go eat at Davenports Pizza" Well then okay! Jason and I will soon make a date there. He said he has no idea why - but he has sisters that swear by it! You know next week I may try anything! Then, I asked what he thought I was having, he said he has no idea. I said just he guessed GIRL. Immediately I asked - "Why did you say that?" His answer..."You told me to guess." Well, Dr. R thinks BOY. So, I have one who thinks it's a Boy and one who thinks it's a GIRL! Me personally - I think it's an alien baby (Noah thinks it's hilarious when I say that - he says "if it is, I'm calling it ET"). And Rachel...Last week the heartrate was 138 this week 143! So...See my dilemma! I LOVE NOT KNOWING. That has been my prayer! So, I officially have no idea what I'm having now!

In other news...My nursery is done! Like a crazy person, I changed the color from yellow to green (thank you Ronnie for painting it - I LOVE IT). I just have to get Jason to put my glider in there and it's ALL done. There's nothing on the walls though! There will be when I know if it's a boy or girl though!
I'm not packed in a bag but everything I'm taking is in the baby bed. So, I just need to get it in my suitcase. I had a baby Tea last Sunday and I got a ton of diapers, wipes, lotions, desitin and other baby essentials. Who knew I would REALLY want all that stuff and I am SO appreciative of it.

My last day of work is April 9th! I can't believe it! I only have 3 more days of work until June! WHOO HOO! But I still LOVE my new job and things have gone GREAT since I've started.

Proof that this is not the first time I've had an ALIEN BABY!

Last April

This April - who knew one year ago...BUT I LOVE IT!!