Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Easter 2008!


We had a GREAT Easter! It was a lot of fun for Jason and I to worship together (sitting beside each other) this Easter. We went to a contemporary service that our church did and it was GREAT! We were reminded of the fact that we need a Savior. We are so wicked! We were reminded that we don't see the whole picture of what God is doing and that was a reminder to me that I just need to trust in God's plan - what He's doing and where He has us!

Then we headed to my Aunt's house - which is TRADITION! It was a lot of fun seeing all my family. My Grandmother was there and she is so funny - I think she asked me 50 times when the baby is due and "Do you know what you are having." Every time I would just tell her the same thing like it was the first time she asked. I just love her though. I would answer that question a million times for her! She also asked me if I was SURE I wasn't having twins! Thanks Mamma!!

The kids on the other hand had the BEST time - Noah is ALWAYS up for seeing Will and Anna is always up for seeing Francie. They also had other cousins to play with which made it even more fun! The egg hunt was fun for them too! They found MONEY, and of course CANDY! Anna was shocked to find a DOLLAR in one of her eggs. It was like coins were good but finding a dollar just about took her breath away! It was all so FUN! What took the "grown ups" breath away was the food! It was all so good from the appetizers to the desserts! Thanks MeMe for having us ALL over! We love coming every year!

Now, I'm ready to hatch my money EGG!! The next big thing around here is the baby! Can't wait!!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

She's A Dande-Lion

Dance recital is right around the corner and I couldn't resist posting this picture of Anna! She's a Dande-"Lion"! Sorry Shalita if I broke a pre-show rule! But you shouldn't have picked such a CUTE costume! I LOVE IT!!

Thursday, March 13, 2008


How do you pass the time? I'm torn between wanting to have this baby and trying to enjoy the end of this pregnancy. I'm anxious to know what we are having but pleasantly surprised that it doesn't bother me not to know.

So, how do I pass the time...Well, I've got two jobs going for me, I'm planning a house warming party for my sister, getting Easter shopping done - and spending Easter weekend with family, I'll have a diaper shower, go to Dr. visits. Just live a packed out life for the next 5 weeks and then...HOPEFULLY, it will be here before I know it! The fact that my "ticker" is at 30 something weeks is CRAZY! I still stare at it thinking "NO WAY" - it was horrible having morning sickness but now I've enjoyed the past 15 weeks or so!

Something funny the kids have been saying lately when we are in the car...Driving the interstate...I'll get frustrated at someone (b/c I just want to be home) and they will say "You better get out of our way - My mom's PREGNANT!" I think they are going to expect me to be an angel once this baby is out! Hopefully I will be - but sleep deporvation doesn't seem to have the "angel" effect on me.

Another weird thing I've done is packed (in my head) all I'm taking to the hospital - I've collected it but not actually packed it in a bag - it's all in the baby bed. I have the baby's bag packed and we have matching outfits for everyday we should be in the hospital. I NEVER did that with Noah or Anna but this time I am REALLY looking forward to my hospital stay! It's my favorite part of having babies - I know I'm weird but I love it!

So...That's how I wait! I fill my days from sun-up to sun-down, I eat lots of snacks, I get frustrated with people on the road, and I dream about my hospital stay!