Friday, February 22, 2008

This is how we ALL feel right now! Exhausted! Our family has been sick for 2 weeks now and we've kept going, and going, and going. And if you know anything about me - I'm NOT the energizer bunny! Actually I hate the Bunny!

I love this picture of Jason though. This is Jason sitting in an ARC meeting OR in class - I can't remember which one, but I know the same feeling is being expressed! Brandon got a new camera! He can really capture a moment!

This weekend Noah and Will are having their 6th Birthday Party. Silena and I decided to celebrate together this year and I'm so excited. The boys are too! I'll post pictures of that probably Monday...

I should be better really soon. Jason and the kids had to flu and they are just exhausted now - but they are physically better. Me - I never got it. Thought I had it, took Tamiflu, no change in how I felt and I finally went to our Family Practitioner and I was diagnosed. Sometimes it's just nice to be diagnosed. I have Asthma and Bronchitis. I definitely felt like if I didn't get help I would cough this baby out!! Not good...So, a shot and Zpac and I should be good to go! I can't wait to feel completely better.

I would like to add that this past weekend, as sick as we were, we were so blessed to be a part of SMI's Missions Conference. They are our only supporting church right now and they are truly a blessing (more than we knew)!! It was really funny because you know we are supposed to encourage others with our "mission" but trust me...I was FAR more ministered too this week than anything we put out there. The Lord always does things like that!! I felt like we were confirmed in our ministry through the body of Christ, in word and deed. It was a GREAT service and week, meeting new people, fellowshiping, and not to mention...EATING! The Lord is good and faithful and why I never seem to catch on to that I'll never understand. But He is so good and He really is our PROVIDER!

One more thing I almost forgot. I got a new job that will be VERY beneficial for me and the baby. I knew after I got pregnant that I would have to work after the baby was born, because of our ministry. I didn't know where or how it would work out - if I would have to pay for childcare, find a sitter, work full time or part time...blah, blah, blah. Jason kept saying "Just wait and see, just wait and see, it will all work out, just wait." I think for his own sanity he was saying those things but I did wait. AND, my friend Holly (who had a baby in June) got a job up at Briarwood (part time - 24 hours) with FREE CHILDCARE. Her and her sister conspired together and when there was a position opened they put my name in. SO, I got a job at Briarwood working in the - MISSIONS DEPARTMENT. I will work part time, have FREE childcare - the baby being right down the hall. I'll be home when the kids leave for school and when they get home. I get to carpool with Holly (b/c she lives by me now) and the Lord just really worked things out - and so here and now I'm giving God all the GLORY for the way He tends to "work things out!" Also, thank you my Rebel Rousers for your prayers! I love you!

Okay, I thought I didn't have much to say but I guess I did!! Enjoy the weekend!


care-in said...

I'm glad to know you were on a zpac too...I needed relief but was nervous about an antibiotic.

Your job sounds great!!!

I have an appt. March 4 then I'm guessing I'll go every two weeks.

Missy said...

Yeah for the job!
Where do your kidos go to school?
Hope ya'll are all feeling better really soon. :)

Jason Dollar said...

I am happy with your blog in one sense Page - since I too am honoring our Lord for his work this week. He does all things for his own glory and he has been showing off for our good lately.

But I am unhappy with your blog because that horrible picture should never ever be made public.

Anonymous said...

I love enchiladas

Ginger said...

Missions Dept, Hmm...Maybe you can both of us hooked up with some support from Briarwood! The job sounds awesome!

Sorry you guys are sick, we are too! I was encouraged by the part of your post sbout His provisions. We are on the down side right now, waiting on Him to provide our immediate need. (He always provides) I have to remind myself constantly of the gospel.

Southern Cheesehead said...

Ok...been praying for you and about the job and I have to find out you got it on your blog? :-) LOL
JK...I know you've been sick...we had 2 sick boys with the flu a couple of weeks ago too and it's sooooooo not fun!

Christy said...

I'm so happy that I didn't have to learn about this stuff from your blog! It was great talking last week!!!!!!!

Amy said...

And you were worried? The job sounds great!
Ivey wants to know if you guys are coming for the Cherry blossom festival this year? Remember last year going to the Capital theatre for pizza? We didn't know we would be having church there!!
Poor Jason, Page loves to post bad pics of you, but I have never seen her post a bad one of herself, probably never will.

Katie Ann Bryant said...

That is so neat that you are working at Briarwood. That is my old stomping ground. Congratulations!

Trace Car Driver said...

i am so excited about your new job, they new baby, seeing you this weekend... everything :) and it is awesome to sit back and see how god ALWAYS works things out. love reading your blogs page!