Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Reading Other Blogs

Reading other people's blogs can be so fun! I love to read all my friends blogs before I start work - okay it looks like it may take a long time but everyone does not update their blog on the same days. I love to hear what people are doing, many are VERY encouraging, I love, love, love pictures, and I love the ones that make me laugh. It's just fun!

So here's to all my pregnant friends. This is a blog I got encouragement from the other day - WHATEVER!! I know this person...It's not some random friend of a friend. And to those who are not pregnant but love labor and delivery stories (as I do)...Enjoy!


Also look at the VERY SWEET CUTE baby and read the birth certificate at http://www.theknowles.info/

Happy Labor and Delivery!!


michelle said...

Oh I love baby stories! I have to read blogs and e-mails before I start work too. It's such a fun way to start the day. I don't always have time to respond right away but it's so fun to read what's going on in everyone's life.

Southern Cheesehead said...

I'm thankfully just one of your friends and not one of your pregnant friends!

I so enjoyed girls night...we MUST do it again...SOON!!!!??? I'll have to get Shalita on that one.

The Ferrill's said...

That is exactly the reason Laurie is the new SUPER MOM.

Can't wait for the next girls night