Tuesday, May 29, 2007

School's Out for the SUMMER!

Yes, that's the song that is running through my head!! YEA! We are out of school! Here are some pictures of the last days! It was a GREAT first year for Jason and Noah!

Monday, May 21, 2007


Couldn't Be Prouder!
Anna's dance recital was GREAT! She loves being a Ballerina! Jason was so shocked she could dance! It was very long for her and so she didn't exactly participate in her Tap number. She sat on the stage and cried - which in turn made me cry. And here's why! It was her turn to go up to the mic and say "This one's for you Daddy!" Which she practiced GREAT the night before. And when she didn't get up Noah's little voice carried across the crowd: "Come on Anna, Don't cry!" It was like a scene in a movie. I was hoping she would find the strength to get up and walk to the mic and say her part. But she didn't. I knew when I left her backstage she probably wasn't going to participate. She said, "I'm so tired!" She was number 8 - which was so cute - she did so GREAT! and number 43!! So, she had gotten VERY cosie watching the recital and wasn't up for round 2! I was so hoping she would pull through for Noah. My dad said it took more energy for her to sit up there and cry than to just get up and dance! Mom and Dad wanted to rush up there and get her. My dad was at the door and found her the minute she came off stage! But, here's the thing! She didn't want to dance anymore! You can't make the child dance! I didn't care if she didn't dance. She does this all the time. Every observation we have she dances for one and not the other! Here's proof!
This is Tuesday before recital: OBSERVATION

Same Day: Second Number (not 5 minutes apart) Happy to Dance!

What can I say: She's rotten! But it really was a GREAT recital! We had fun - all the girls did GREAT and Shalita was cute as a bug! She was so calm. The day of rehersal I was DREADING the whole thing. It just seemed so long and I didn't know what to expect! But Shalita made me so relaxed. She wasn't worried about a thing and she was even laughing and having a good time - so it seemed - not sure what her real emotions were! Laine you helped too! Talking and laughing with me - taking my mind off the TIME! The only thing I regret was not taking Jason to rehersal with me! Because Anna did so good there! She was loving the stage - she couldn't wait till it was her turn again! But Jason thought the whole thing was hilarious! We all were laughing it was a hard emotion to explain! I know you mother's reading this can relate - Laughing/Crying emotion!

I've posted some pictures of the day! Thanks Shalita! And thank you Delilah for coming and for making Anna a Cake! It was so cute! The girl is OBSESSED with cake - you made her day! Sally, I'm so glad you were there too! I hope you had a GREAT time! And Laine, you owe me money for Nell's lunch! JUST KIDDING! She bought her own! HA! I have some great pictures of KL and D I'll pass along to you! I hope you don't mind I posted them on the WEB!!


Thursday, May 17, 2007

Tell Me I'm Not Alone

Do you have a child that if something is going to happen - they are who it happens to? Anna is our "accident prone" child! She has really been through it these past 3 years! When she was 5 months old she had a UTI and she wouldn't pee for the Doctor to check, so they couldn't confirm that, the worse case scenario was Meningitis. So, they sent her to Children's and they had to do a SPINAL TAP plus other pokes and prods, to come the the conclusion it was a UTI. That seemed like the beginning of the "if it's gonna happen" thing. That was the scariest for us. Then she was pitching a fit one night (while Jason was at school) because I made her get out the bath tub. She threw herself on the floor and was crying. When she wouldn't quit I went to try and make things better and she lifted her head and blood was all over the towel. She had cut her chin - pitching a fit! I took her the the Doctor b/c we couldn't tell if she needed stitches and she probably should have gotten them but you have to get them within the first 2 hours of the accident. It was on the verge of needing stitches. The Doctor said not to worry about it b/c it was under her chin - the scarring would be minimal and it's under her chin - really no one would ever notice. So accident #3 we were eating at Pablos and she was leaning back in my arms and when she came up she hit the corner of the wall. Put a scar right under her nose!! At this point, I know - if something is gonna happen - Anna will be the one it happens to.

Well last night I was giving Anna a bath. I let her play for a little while in the tub. All of a sudden she starts to cry. I said, "Anna, what's wrong?" She said, "I don't know!" I turn the corner to see my razor in the tub and blood streaming from her thumb. She was in hysterics! I was a little too, b/c some of you may know that last year around this same time I was cooking for a couples dinner at my bible study. I was slicing an onion with my new Pampered Chef "Slice and Grate" and the part that holds the onion wasn't working so I just was going to try it with my hands. BIG MISTAKE! SLICED MY THUMB! I had to go to the ER and get it cauterized, had a technis shot, I got it all wrapped up and I was sent home. Missed the dinner!

Well, Jason wouldn't let me take Anna last night b/c he said it wasn't as deep as mine. And it wasn't. But this morning I took her to her doctor so they could tell me how to keep it clean and to ease my own conscious. They cleaned it and bandaged it up - Just like mine! I was shocked not only the same experience but the same hand, same thumb! Like mother, like daughter.

Just a little note, she is a big time thumb sucker. She is very particular about what thumb she sucks - and you guessed it, it's injured! So, I'm hoping if ANYTHING good can come out of it that MAYBE she will stop being a thumb sucker!

Makes me so thankful that both my kids aren't accident prone! YET!!

PS. Keith and Amy don't laugh at my traumatic story! I've been thinking the whole time I'm writing this how you laughed at me when I showed Ivey my "scar."

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

I've Been Tagged...Thanks Amy!

Okay, I've been tagged - here are seven things about myself...
I'll start with the weirdest...

1. I've been praying (not everyday - but still praying) since High School that I would one day have twins. My anatomy teacher told me that it could happen!

2. On that same note - the best day of my life is the birth of Noah and Anna - really Labor and Delivery is my favorite day! I love being pregnant and I love to hear other people's baby stories. Can't wait to add to my family!

3. All praise to God - Jason and I just had a HUGE breakthrough in our debt payoff. It came from an very unexpected place and it is only a God thing! Thank you LORD! We now see a light at the end of the tunnel - more reason to press on!

4. These are so random - but Amy Watson gave me the BEST chocolate chip cookie recipe. I just got done making a batch - go make some! It's on the back of the Blue Bonnet stick butter box - try them and tell me they are not the best cookies!

5. I won a Jazzercision award from Heidi and Helga this year! HAHA! Laine can vouch for this: I was addicted to Jazzercise for a whole year! I tried not to miss a class. I really need to get that addiction back - I never had to diet and since I've been out of class - which has been since Noah started school I've gained weight and have lost all my toneness!! So, here's the secret - Jazzercise - it shows! Ha!

6. This April was the first time I had been to the beach since Hurricane Ivan. I could not believe how much I missed it and I'm looking for any possible way to get back. We are going 3 times this year. I just got back. 1 down 2 to go! I got caught in an undertoe in High School and I hate getting in the ocean though. I'm scared to get in past my knees but this year I got in to my hips. I'm FACING MY FEAR! My favorite beach moments are sitting at a pool that is on the beach. So you are at the pool but see and hear the beach! That's the life!

7. I hate the whole getting ready process (as I delay it right now). I wish I could just blink and be completely ready - showered, fixed hair and make up, clothes...all of it done! Or, I wish I didn't have to do the same thing EVERY DAY!! It seems like I just got ready and here I am again - in desparate need of a shower! I mean it was only 24 hours ago!! Okay, see I go through this conversation with myself all the time! I hate the process! Not the result - I love to feel clean and fresh! Just the whole process...

Okay so I have to go get ready now! Thanks Amy - I have no idea who to tag! Seems I'm the last one to do this. So...we'll see.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day!
I hope everyone one had a GREAT Mother's Day! We had a very fun and relaxing day! Sunday Morning I got the cutest gift from Noah - that he made at school, Anna gave me a sweet card she made on the computer...And LAINE - Jason got me the book you recommended, How to be a Mary in a Martha World. Can't wait to read it! I'm hoping it is just the thing I need spiritually to press on in this race. So, that was fun - getting presents - and sweet homemade ones!
But the best part of the day for me was that Sally had prepared a Muffins with Mom for Sunday School. I thought we would just eat with the kids but she went all out! She decorated the fellowship hall with Balloons and Flowers - she had muffins, fruit, donuts, juice. She had really put some work into it. All by herself - b/c all the mothers that would have helped - she was honoring! She sat us at the "Special" decorated table and the kids ate at a different table. Then they all came together and sang a song and played instruments. The kids went wild towards the end b/c she challenged and encouraged us in our parenting. So to the kids (all ages ranging from 2-8) she wasn't teaching them. But despite that, it was fun, beautiful, delicious, relaxing, entertaining...and all the rest! Thanks Sally!
Then Jason's parents came to church with us, we took them to Applebees, and then they came and hung out at our house. And then my parents came over (and Silena & Clint) and we all hung out and ate Pizza! That was just so fun to not do anything just hang around the house and celebrate our moms. This is the first year we have spent Mother's Day with Jason's parents - since we have been married - which is 7 years! So it was very special for Jason to get to "enjoy" his Mom on her day!
I would love to hear how everyone else's day went! Be sure to comment on your special day! Let me know the best thing! Love ya Mothers!!

Wednesday, May 9, 2007


Mark and "T" (Teri) Anderson
Mark and T are VERY good friends of our family. Practically family - he would be like an uncle! But they live in TX so we only seen them at Christmas. Anyway, T lead the music at the Retreat. She is so good. I compare her to Twila Paris - very soothing and inspiring. I have her CD playing in my car right now CONSTANTLY! It quites my kids! So, I'm giving her a plug - visit her website (http://www.tsongs.com/).
As you all know the Retreat was about Legacy! I LOVED getting all the comments! That was so fun to see how everyone wanted to be remembered! So, T has this song that is my favorite and was one of the "theme" songs of the weekend. It's called Make me a Mary. Here's the words:
Make me a Mary of Bethany
One who will worship at Your feet
My hearts deepest desire is to hear you speak
Someone who longs for your company
Jesus for this I would give anything
Make me a Mary, Make me a Mary of Bethany.
I will pour out my life
Let it be as perfume on Your feet
I will lift grateful hands for the mercy you've shown to me
I will bow my knees and kiss the wounds that healed me
For one so unworthy as me
To know such a Beautiful King
As you can probably tell - it's a song about Mary - Lazarus' sister - Mary & Martha. I've always said I was not a Martha - and really I'm not! You won't find me being busy in the kitchen or hosting company in the proper etiquette. I'm one of those "Make yourself at home," "Help yourself people." BUT NOW, I will not consider myself a Mary either. Whenever I hear this song I just pray it! I long to be at the feet of Jesus, but I don't do the sacrifices it takes to actually be at the feet of Jesus. I long to hear Jesus speak - but again - don't take the time to read and study His words!! I just frustrate myself alot and give up! Satan - I know! So, have you ever thought of Mary in this light? I always thought of her like me. Her gift is not service. But really she was longing to be with Jesus and soak up His word. As T told us at the retreat - this story is her Legacy.
In Mat. 26:12-13:
When she poured his perfume on my body, she did it to prepare me for burial. I tell you the truth, wherever this gospel is preached throughout the world, what she has done will also be told, in memory of her.
What a Legacy!

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Legacy - How will you be remembered?

This past weekend I went to the beach for a retreat. The topic was Legacy. How do you want to be remembered? I struggle with this question because for one - I'm young and "feel" like I'm not going anywhere. I thought the whole weekend would be about death but really it was all about LIFE! How to live it now - Live out how you want to be remembered. I'm glad I'm having a chance to think about Legacy while I'm young. A lot of people there knew how they wanted to be remembered. Ginny Saint was there and she wanted to be remembered as a Prov. 31 woman but especially as a helper to her husband. A woman who encouraged him and not one who held him back. My mom spoke too about how many of the heros of the faith came from very strong Christian homes where the Bible was taught DAILY to the children. And therefore the kids lived out a life of faith. She also mentioned how good and bad traits are passed down from generation to generation. I'm seeing some of that with my own kids!! HA! It's absolutely amazing the impact we have on our children. My personal hero right now is Esther - I've been trying to figure out what my "Such a time as this is". I love the story how she considered her queenship for the salvation of her people. For such a time as this. Elizabeth Elliott after her husband died went back to the same people with Esther's attitude - If I perish, I perish! Amazing women. I'm not sure I want to be so amazing because it cost a lot - but man, I wish I could say that and live it. So, how do I want to be remembered? This is what I've come up with so far: As a godly wife and mother. I also want to be a helper to my husband, an ear to listen, a body to hold, a heart to love! Always ready to teach and be taught. I want to bring joy and laughter to people around me - be a person of light. I want to be a good friend, honest and loyal. So, I'm very interested in if anyone else has thought about how they want to be remembered. Please comment and let me know! Below are some pictures from the VERY FUN, VERY RELAXING TRIP! I wish you could have been there!!