Monday, December 31, 2007

You are Amazing God...

We sang this song in church Sunday and there is a line that says...

"You see the depths of my heart and you love me the same...You are amazing God."

This line really struck me because the Lord has really showered his blessings on us this month and I am ever so thankful for his generosity, provision, and the fact that He seems ever present and near to us right now. Answering not only our family prayers but the prayers of others as well. The testimony of God's faithfullness is abounding. But, I know my heart is so decitiful and wicked and yet He has done great things despite me! Thank GOD for grace and mercy. As Brian preached Sunday I was again dumbfounded at the realization that I've only applied God to the financial part of our life. For one this is the family security, and maybe because I know He is the only one that can see us through this starting ministry. I know He is big enough to provide money especially $3000-$4000 a month is NO BIG DEAL TO HIM! His streets are paved with GOLD! But the fact is I can't see past my own needs. I want to start really praying for others, giving to others, blessing others the way we have been blessed. Being sensitive to how the Lord wants us to minister to others. I'm going to list the REALLY cool provisions we experienced this month and I see them all from the Lord's hand. I give him all the praise and Glory for what He has provided. I also want to thank all the people who have given to us and have been sensitive to the Lord's leading! You have been an encouragement to me personally and Jason as well. We have really experienced how the body of Christ works not only in the Church building but in the PEOPLE - HIS CHURCH!

This month we started out short and we were unable to pay ALL the bills at our "normal" time. This was the first time since the ministry has started that we weren't "making" it. So, we decided to still tithe and pay what we could AND trust God to provide. Don't get me wrong, FEAR was the first emotion and tears came, I was so thankful too for the support that was given for that month. One person brought up that months support generously! So, it was hard to juggle the thankfulness I had to our supporters and the fear I had about what the Lord was going to do with us! But this month has been one of the most encouraging months thus far. It's amazing what God can and will do when we allow Him to! Our house was broken into soon after the first of the month and it really wasn't a big deal as you know some very UNVALUABLE things were stolen and we were reminded that our Treasure is in heaven. We were able to teach our kids that lesson too, since Noah's GameCube was stolen! He had the best attitude about it and went to school asking his class to pray for the "robbers." One of Noah's closest friends (who is 6 I might add) when hearing of the loss of the GameCube decided he wanted to replace it with his Christmas money from his Grandad. And he did! That was the sweetest story. We also had our DVD stolen and a friend from VEBC replaced that with a WAY BETTER ONE. Then the other day I got a gift card from "Santa" - he had heard of our robbery and hoped we had a good Christmas. WHOEVER SANTA IS....THANK YOU! We had a GREAT CHRISTMAS! That was very encouraging and fun to get that sweet surprise.

Speaking of Christmas...A VERY CLOSE DEAR FRIEND bought ALL the kids Christmas and not just a toy here and there - the WHOLE THING! You will see the picture of our TREE. I WAS OVERWHELMED CHRISTMAS EVE!

Another very cool thing was one night we had to go grocery shopping and I was sending Jason because he can shop CHEAP! We checked the mail before he left and there was a PUBLIX giftcard in the mailbox from a funeral home here in town that Jason had preached the week before. This was so strange to us because he has done many funerals there and has NEVER gotten a gift from them. It wasn't like we got money and had to decide where to use it the Lord said - you need groceries tonight - here ya go...Go get some groceries! There are other stories too of free prescriptions and running into friends at lunch, getting unexpected donations, being confirmed by our church Ridgecrest and SMI. The list is exciting. And I'm happy to report that this month the Lord has provided! The Lord is so good or should I say AMAZING!

So, continue to pray for our ministry as we cross your mind and thank you again for all the love and support so many of you have already given! We are having our prayer card made this week so if you don't get our newsletter and want me your address ( We would love to add you to our update list.

I promise to post pictures of Christmas soon!

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Merry Christmas...

We had a VERY Merry Christmas. When I get some time I'm going to make a slideshow and let everyone know what we've been doing...But for now...this will have to do!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Calling My Prayer Warriors!!

I really wanted to ask each of you who regularly visit the blog to please pray for my friend Brooke. She's in the hospital with a brain lesion! Brook was my VERY BEST FRIEND in 8th grade and because of a school split I never saw her after that year. I've always thought so much of her and hoped I would one day be in touch with her again. And when reading the newspaper one day I found a way too! Since then we've caught up on email and I just LOVE hearing from her. She is a VERY strong believer which was so encouraging to me when we started communicating again! Here is her blog that was made to keep people up to date on her situation:

Below is a blog her husband wrote concerning her condition:

The head neurologist came in and told us some specific information you can pray about. They found one 3/4 centimeter lesion on her brain... Scary.---Good news, they believe it is the cause of all her problems...They do know where the lesion is location, but they don't know what it is yet. They will be running tests all weekend and through next week. They mentioned possible problems, but no need to worry anyone yet. It could be a simple fix with steroids, a viral disease, or any number of other things... The possibility of it being "something else" is scary but we know God is in control of the situation.Thank God --- they finally found the area causing the problem.HERE'S MY REQUEST....We know the problem -- but we have to get rid of it... Your prayers is truly having a calming effect on us.. Please keep it up..Love y'all..

Please pray!
Thank you!

Monday, December 10, 2007

This is what's been going on...

Per Jason...

Thursday when the kids and I arrived home from school, things did not look right. The couch cushions were thrown on the floor, the Christmas presents under the tree were opened (albeit left) and all the top drawers in the house had been opened with stuff thrown everywhere. Now nobody is going to accuse our family of being the spic-and-span poster family, but hey, we clean up a little better than that!I went to the basement and saw the window broken that the trespassers had crawled through. I noticed our laptop (actually my father-in-law's laptop) gone. Man, I worked long and hard putting all our music on that computer from CD's. Oh well.Our DVD player, gone. Noah's Gamecube, gone. Plus the thieves took all our piggy banks (even little Anna's) and dumped them out, apparently searching for quarters, since they did not take any pennys. I told Page that these thieves must have been disappointed if they were looking for anything really valuable!So the police came and filed the report and Page and I found ourselves, well, not very upset at all. I was fascinated by how okay we were about all of this. We prayed before dinner for the salvation of the robbers. The Lord must really be working in our lives!But I did have to temporarily repair the window downstairs with a big blue tarp that I use for just about everything. I drag leaves with it. I drag the kids around the yard with it. I use it to cover trash when I have to haul it off. This blue tarp has been the best tool I have ever had. So I got my duct tape and my blue tarp and I repaired the window. I even blocked the window up real nice with some extra wood, just in case our sneaky friends decide to return.In the process I noticed that lint was everywhere in our basement. I had seen it before, but now I began to think, you know, this could be a fire hazard. So I started cleaning all the lint up and it started making its way into my lungs. Since Thursday, I have not been able to breath! I feel like there's a pound of lint in each lung. Sleeping has been tough since I wake up wheezing like the Titanic (shrug).So I decided I need to repair the dryer and get the vent outside the house so my family and I can breath. We have been venting the dryer inside the house courtesy of Page's pantyhose. I thought this was the thing to do! When we moved into the house, people told us this was the thing to do - drape your wife's pantyhose around the dryer hose and shazaam. But friends it doesn't work. That is why lint was hanging from our ceiling downstairs like Spider man had paid a visit. I went online and every dryer expert in the land said, "Do not vent on the inside! You must vent your dryer on the outside!"But of course in order to vent our dryer on the outside you would have to drill a hole through concrete block. That is, until our sneaky friends broke our window! I decided since the window was broken anyway, to vent out the window. A stroke of pure genius! If I knew anything at all about venting dryers.I went to Wal-mart, home of everything in the world, and purchased the vent and the new hose. I brought it home. I pulled out my drill. And my saw. And at 9:45, kids in bed, Page thinking I am Jason Vorhees, I commenced to cutting and drilling and taping. It was an awful racket. Included in the vent kit was a big metal pipe-thingie which you are suppose to place inside the vent and drape the hose on. That pipe-thingie fell apart. It is cheap material made for people who know what they are doing. My frustration level continued to increase as I realized that my homeowner skills where much like a third grader attempting to play shortstop for the Orioles, it just ain't gonna happen. I ended up stuffing the hose through the hole in the wood that I had placed in the window. Then I reached down to plug the dryer back in, but the plug would not go back in the wall. I tried to manipulate it back in when all of the sudden - jooolt! - It wasn't really bad, but I felt it. I remember my grandparents had an electric fence and once when I was a kid I had an arrow (as in bow and arrow) and just simply laid that arrow down on the wired fence. I had that same feeling with the dryer. Couple hundred watts or so, making their way into my heart.But I got the plug back in, cleaned up the sawdust and extra lint, and turned the dryer on - I think it actually works. But my nose and throat are not working at all! I came upstairs a minute ago and took a swig of Children's Benadryl (after you have kids, there is no shame in taking the children's version of medicine).But I was thinking it will take a minute for the medicine to kick in so maybe I should blog about all this while it is fresh on my mind. The moral of the story is twofold - First, don't let thieves, vents, or blocked breathing passageways steal your joy. Christ is bigger and better than all of these! Second, I need to move into an apartment ASAP!
By Jason Dollar

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

A Sneak Peak...

We got the sonogram today and who knew it was going to be SO fun! We didn't find out the sex and the sonogram lady didn't find out either - so NO ONE KNOWS!! I was so glad she didn't - the thought of someone knowing something I didn't might have eaten me up inside. So, Thank You Leigh! She was great! And fun to talk. So, now I have no idea what we are having - whatever it is (boy/girl) it is SO DARN CUTE!

What we do know is this:

  • Healthy Baby - growing right on target.

  • Weighs 13 ounces

  • Great looking heart - all four chambers just a going!

  • Laid BACK - this baby had its hands above its head and legs outstreched and feet crossed.

  • Has two feet - complete with toes

  • Has two hands - complete with fingers

  • Great looking bones - backbone, ribs, arms, legs

  • Great profile

  • So sweet! It's amazing they can test that in the womb now! It passed the sweet test!

So OH WHAT FUN! Jason and I both loved it! I'm really shocked that it got me so excited. Here are a few pictures they took! Enjoy! I'm so sorry for my HORRIBLE scanning the pictures were bending from being in my purse AND, I cut them a little CRAZY! Sorry to all my perfectionist friends. I hope you can look past it and see the sweet baby!

Arm up


This one is HARD - it's the legs stretched out.

Here's looking at YOU!