Monday, November 26, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving Indeed

Here are a few pictures from the weekend. We had a GREAT Thanksgiving - inspite of one set back. Thanksgiving morning Noah and Jason spent some time at the local Doc in a Box. Noah had a BAD ear infection and was just in so much pain. He was sick the two days we had to visit family but he has recovered and was glad he got to go anyway. Most of the pictures were taken at Jason's parents house - which he blogged about all the fun there.

Anna and Francie - so cute together - they are becoming really good friends - I love it

When Noah FINALLY felt like eating he wanted to eat the TURKEY LEG! YUM! Doesn't he look like a KING! And yes, they are eating under the table.

Noah with Mawmaw trying to "catch fire" - he loves building a fire at Pop and Mawmaws

Sweet family picture - Pop, Anna, Mawmaw and Jason

Anna doing her favorite thing with Mawmaw - Planting


Amy said...

Hey Page, thanks alot! I could do it if I really wanted to, I just have a great friend who did it without my asking!!
Ansd yes, I did have a colonoscopy because of Daddy's cancer. I did have a polyp removed and it was sent to pathology. I don't know anything yet. It wasn't bad at all, except the drinking 64 oz. of gatorade mix..

Missy said...

Poor Noah. Sick on the holidays is never fun. Glad he recovered nicely and got to go back to being a boy!

Shalita said...

Hey! Cute, cute, cute pictures! I love eating under the table! WOW at how much Jason looks like his Dad! What two handsome men they are!!!

The Ferrill's said...

I hope Noah is feeling all better now! Looks like a great Thanksgiving day, and next year you will have one more blessing at the dinner table! Wonder if that blessing will be a he or she? :) You could find out, you know!!!!!!!!!!
Miss ya!

Robyn said...

Page we all want to be strong like Shalita and not find out what our babies are but I could not. Just find out for me and Laine--We won't tell. I love all of the Thanksgiving pictures. Is Anna still dancing or did you switch nights? Miss seeing you!
Love ya!
Robyn :)

Dollar General said...

Hey Robyn! We switched nights - with Anna in school it was impossible to get her there! I miss seeing you too! I was really looking forward to "getting to know you"! I'm sure I'll see you around.