Monday, November 26, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving Indeed

Here are a few pictures from the weekend. We had a GREAT Thanksgiving - inspite of one set back. Thanksgiving morning Noah and Jason spent some time at the local Doc in a Box. Noah had a BAD ear infection and was just in so much pain. He was sick the two days we had to visit family but he has recovered and was glad he got to go anyway. Most of the pictures were taken at Jason's parents house - which he blogged about all the fun there.

Anna and Francie - so cute together - they are becoming really good friends - I love it

When Noah FINALLY felt like eating he wanted to eat the TURKEY LEG! YUM! Doesn't he look like a KING! And yes, they are eating under the table.

Noah with Mawmaw trying to "catch fire" - he loves building a fire at Pop and Mawmaws

Sweet family picture - Pop, Anna, Mawmaw and Jason

Anna doing her favorite thing with Mawmaw - Planting

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Just for Fun

Have you heard the Old Wives Tale that you can determine the sex of the Baby by the heartrate? My dad swears by this...He said that with me (they couldn't find out the sex back then) the nurse in the labor room asked my dad if he wanted a boy or a girl. He said "Well, to be honest I want another girl." And the nurse said, "You're getting a girl!" And so he did. So, it's no longer a tale but FACT! I have to say I've heard that story over and over again since my brother (you know sister in law), sister, and I have been pregnant - which has been 7 times now! I give into that thinking too. So here is the actual "tale":

As the old wives' tale has it, if your unborn baby's heart rate is higher, above 140 beats per minute, that means you're carrying a girl. A lower heart rate below 140 bpm means you're having a boy.

So, that would mean...that I would be having a girl. But 153 to me seems low. Anna's was in the 160's - so, it worked once for me. I can't find where I wrote down Noah's but I thought it was in the 150's. THIS IS JUST FOR FUN! So, no smart remarks about "If you want to know, just find out!" I don't want to know...I just want to play with these tales. It's funny I think I'm gonna do one a month. Just to keep my mind from thinking ONE SEX! My sister and I did this with Will and Noah (we were pregnant at the same time). We did the heartrate - his was high Noah's was low. We did the string thing, we did a lot of these. Everything we did I was the opposite. So when she found out first she was having a boy - I really thought this could be a girl. But they were both BOYS! So, don't worry that I'm believing these things and I'm out buying all pink stuff - I'm NOT - for one I can't afford to!! HA!

BUT, I'm interested. If you can remember the rate of your babies leave a comment and tell me what yours was and if the "tale" was true for you. And, tell me what you think by mine...JUST FOR FUN!

Monday, November 5, 2007


Okay this is really just my thoughts about our Church that I don't want to think about and then forget...A little soul searching...So, read if you feel like it!

Okay, so since we've taken this "Youth Apologist" job - I have often stopped and wondered, "Is this REALLY what God wants?" I have had thoughts like the Israelites when following Moses out of Egypt: "Back in Egypt we at least had food, and knew what each day held - enslaved yes, but at least we knew." This hit me like a ton of bricks Sunday! Also,when things have gotten "scary" I want to tell Jason - just go back to the Church and preach. Don't follow where God is leading right now - maybe we aren't ready - financially or spiritually.

This is why I love Ridgecrest. I'm finding that I love truth. Brian has yet to preach a sermon that says, "Since we are following God and trusting in Him in this ministry we are going to be provided for, safe, easy going, people are going to be knocking down the doors wanting Jason to teach and people are going to be eager to give to this ministry." Instead, yesterday we heard about Moses, who was thinking that serving the Lord should be easy and God said "It's not about you - It's about ME."

Moses also asked, "Why did you call me to this? I can't handle this - I would rather be dead." Joshua wondered why God called him to a battle only to be defeated. Jeremiah cursed the day he was born because of the threats and "ministry" the Lord has called him to do - and the fact that he couldn't quit the "ministry" - it was a FIRE IN HIS BONES.

WOW, I also love that lately I've thought I'm a pretty "good" person. This is so funny to me - when I'm out of the Word or fellowship with believers I start to think "I'm not so bad." When I'm in the Word, being taught, and fellowshipping I think "WOW, I'm HORRIBLE!" We had to list out some sins the other Wednesday night to ask for forgiveness and I was stumped trying to figure out my sins. But the past two weeks I've been made VERY aware at just how awful I am. I can see what the blood is covering and I rejoice in my salvation!! I don't trust God to take care of us, I struggle with PRIDE, I don't desire the word of God - but want the promises, but what struck me the hardest is I really don't trust God right now. I believe in Him, I believe the Gospel - but I just came to the realization that I'm not giving Him our LIFE - our everyday stuff, if a storm were to come I would be completely knocked down and thrown for a loop! I want to trust Him in the Wilderness, in Prison, and in the "dark days of the soul."

I feel like I'm about to have a spiritual breakthrough here. I'm excited to see what the Lord is going to do not just physically with our family - but with me spiritually! I'm excited b/c in our small group we are all praying the same prayer for a hunger for God's word! I'm so excited to see how the Lord works in each of us!

So, I've been challenged, knocked up side the head and I love it! The sermons are so timely sometimes it's so funny! Jason and I will just laugh about it (sometimes even during the sermon). Wendy told me, "I'll have to listen to Joel Osteen to get my little pick me up!!" Don't you just LOVE Wendy! Everyone needs a Wendy in their life!!

On a different NOTE...

I just got back from the Dr. and everything is right on track! YAY! I finally got to hear that sweet heartbeat at 153 beats! My next visit is Dec. 4 and we are getting the sonogram! So for all you who think I can't not find out - I'm about to prove you ALL wrong (but whose losing here)! If I had to guess - I think it's a boy! That's just a guess...NO FACTS!

Praising God...

Friday, November 2, 2007

Happy Halloween!

Noah as Captain Hook

Tiger Wil-We (Lily)

Tiger Lily - Tinker Bell - Captain Hook - Peter Pan

And the Beautiful Alice in Wonderland

I think the kids had a GREAT time this year! Noah and Anna got to dress up at school so they woke up Wednesday without a fuss! AAAHHH...The joys of a exciting day! When days start like that you know they have to be good.

We have a family tradition to go my mom's house and Trick-or-Treat her neighborhood. It's a GREAT neighborhood and basically we were the only Trick or Treaters. All the kids were funny! Will and Noah were pretty much first to every door and we had a fight about who was gonna ring the doorbell just about everytime. Will would get so excited and just start telling the people "This is my Cousin - NOAH!" They will tell people their whole life if someone will say "Hey" to them. Anna told everyone that she wasn't an Indian that she was "Tiger Wil-we (lily)." She took her role as Tiger Lily very serious - I thought she would take her wig off but once it was on - she was Tiger Lily! Very cute! Francie was Tinkerbell and she didn't want to be Tinkerbell -she pitched a fit while getting ready but then once the outfit was on - she was okay! And she walked the whole neighborhood and carried her candy most of the way! I was shocked. She went through about 7 different suckers while on the way - she would get a new one and chunk the one she was eating. She was so funny - this was her first time to really Tricker Treat. And Morgan poor thing was so sick but I think she had a really good time still. She's so sweet! So, it was VERY fun and VERY fun to watch! I hope everyone had a good time! So for the last time...Happy Halloween!!