Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Long Awaited Update - and it's GOOD!!

Well, when God works on our little ones, even the doctors and nurses are amazed!
Connor is doing GREAT! They told us originally that BEST CASE scenario would be for little man to be in a room at UAB before we could even look at coming home. Well, God must have disagreed! :) After only 3 days in a room, CONNOR IS COMING HOME TODAY! :) Praise the Lord!
I am so thankful and can't wait for my family to be back together again! I am also nervous and anxious about bringing home a sick baby...what if stuff goes wrong? What if his heart doesn't work right? What if his fever goes up? We are also coming home on the feeding tube while we work up his nutrition and intake. I worry about this too. Please pray that little man will do awesome and that God will take care of him and that his mommy will trust in God and not worry. I don't want him to always struggle and my biggest fear is to bring him home and get into trouble again and not be at the hospital. Pray for Connor's silly mommy to not be afraid of caring for her precious man.
God Bless You All!


Robyn said...

Page that is great news that he is getting to come home today. He is so precious!! His Mommy shouldn't worry because God has taken care of them so far and will continue to take care of them.
It was good to see you at dance last night and to hear you are feeling better.
Love ya!
Robyn :)

Ole Miss Mom said...

Hi! I'm not sure how I came across your blog, but I'm in Bonnie's small group. I have actually brought a meal (to Bonnie's house) for Connor's family a couple of months ago as well. I'm THRILLED to read the updates on his progress. The last one I heard was that his surgery went well. It brought tears to my eyes to actually put a face with a name. I've prayed for him, and cooked for him...but I didn't know him. I also have a baby his age and I can't imagine how hard it would be to see your baby in the hospital. I will keep praying!! Our God is so good!


Dollar General said...

I love, love, love the huge circle of prayer warriors! I am actually a friend of Carla and Ryan's from High School, we just recently got back in touch with each other at a mutual friends wedding! They are all troopers and I just couldn't be more excited about the news today! Thanks for commenting!

-C said...

Thanks again for including us in this little one's trial ... but... how are you guys? Feeling better yet?

The Ferrill's said...

Praise the Lord! Baby Conner will have quite a testimony for our Lord!

Laurie Knowles said...

Hey Page,

Praise God, I am so glad that little Connor is doing better! About the Lego join for the year and they send you six mystery lego sets throughout the year. You can get more info from the Lego website. We miss you at CBS. It is just strange not seeing you in one of those sheep classes. You should come visit sometime. -Laurie