Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

My Francis

Some of you know and have seen my sweet neice Francie and some of you haven't. She just turned two last week! And she is just becoming such a doll. And I have fell in love with her all over again! She just loves to see us Dollars coming!! Here are pictures from her Birthday Party (the one event I've been to)...


Me and Francie

I love this picture - they have the same face - like "Give me a break!"

And last but certainly not least is the reunion of "The Gang" - their back and ready for Halloween!

Saturday, October 20, 2007


Nothing says I can pull through more than the birth of a family member! This is my cousin Josh and Shannon's baby Laura Grace - born YESTERDAY! Isn't she the sweetest! I can't wait to get to see her and hold her! Congrats Aunt Teri, Uncle John, Beth, Tom, Jamie, Nate, Trace, Rachel, Dalton, and Kenley! But most of all Congrats to Josh and Shannon!!! She's beautiful.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Have I Lost You?

Okay, I feel like I'm losing my readers that I love so much! I haven't blogged because basically I feel HORRIBLE!! I really don't want all my friends to hear me complaining about how horrible I feel and even get the wrong impression about this pregnancy! I'm 13 weeks - I've looked forward to this week since I found out I was pregnant in August! But, this week I got a stomach virus which put me to bed for a couple of days. I think all the throw up I held back was released in a 24 hour period (see this is why I didn't blog about it)! Also, I've basically checked out of reality and only do what HAS TO BE DONE. Noah has resorted to telling people that I'm pregnant so I just lay around a lot. I think I've done good this pregnancy though. I've been to church and only missed Sunday School (WENDY) and one Wednesday night, maybe 2. With the other two kids - NO CHURCH for 3 months!! Work, I have been doing about 20 hours this month - until this week. And, I've even been to some social events, OKAY, one Birthday Party but wait I took Anna to dance twice! We really haven't done anything! This is my favorite time of year and I feel as though I'm missing out. Kim, I read your blog almost everyday because I love your enthusiasm of this season! I'm living through you and your pictures - keep them coming. I want so bad to make Carmel Apples and Fall cookies and decorate the house but I just don't have it in me! Next year will be so FUN!! That's what I keep saying. And I still have Thanksgiving! I love Thanksgiving too! We will be celebrating Halloween with my family and this year we have a theme - Peter Pan. I can't wait to post those pictures. They will be so cute! Noah is Captain Hook and Anna is Wendy Darling. My nephew Will is Peter Pan and my niece Francie is Tinkerbell. So cute - this is the first year we will have a theme and Will assigned the characters - he's pretty bossy!

One thing we have pretty much decided on is our church. We have been going to Ridgecrest Baptist Church and we LOVE IT! So, we will probably join soon - we joke saying in January b/c that's when all the moving will be over with and we can be first to join in the new facilities. But really we want to join in conjunction with Noah being baptized. Which we feel is coming on soon! He got to see a boy baptized Sunday - so now it's not so scary. We took the Lord's supper with Noah Sunday and it was just a GREAT experience. I held back my tears but it was one of the greatest things! I can't wait to have it with Anna too! Another exciting thing to me is that Brian asked Jason to preach in Nov. when he is going out of town. I just felt like that was a GREAT privilege! I can't wait for that! I think in some small way it encouraged Jason.

Jason has been busy with school (SMCS and Seminary) and raising support and trying to get teaching engagements. Please continue to pray for us. We are excited about this ministry and pray the Lord continues to provide. He hasn't showered down all we need but he has given us just what we need.

One last thing. I just have to post this picture of Conner at the Pumpkin Patch. How good is God!?! Can you believe it?

Monday, October 8, 2007

Finding Joy and Laughter...

This post was from Monday...
WOW, today I was going for a routine Dr. visit - 11 weeks - tomorrow 12! Whoo hoo! Hoping to soon be out of the Yucks!! First I hate, hate, hate when the Dr. you are to see is on call! That is always frustrating and they will ALWAYS deliver while you are waiting. So, I waited a hour for a room b/c the Dr. was delivering a baby!
Get a room and the nurse says - "Let's see if we can hear the heartbeat!" I love that heartbeat and I heard a heartbeat but they said "That's yours!" DANG! The nurse searched and searched and called another nurse in to search - nothing. She said the Dr. is gonna want to do a sonogram so get ready for that! When she left the room immediate tears! I was so anxious! I didn't want to make a scene - I had no reason to worry YET! I held it together as I just prayed for peace and prayed that my baby was safe. A million thoughts went through my mind, from how to tell people I'd miscarried to wonder how long it's been like this. What kept me calm was that I had not had any "complications". And I did get calm - while waiting the nurse came in and said, "the Dr. went to delivery again!" AGAIN!! AAHHH!! I waited about 30-45mins with the sono machine right next to me and if I could have figured that thing out I would have tried to see the baby myself - realizing Jason and I didn't have the money to fix what I would have probably broke I kept my hands to myself. I had gotten myself together and in comes Dr. Ross - a whirlwind rushing back up - he was full of apologies and knew I was a wreck waiting for him - the tears were back full force. He said let's get this done so you can relax and then we can talk! He said, "I'm gonna let you know the minute I see something!" and then those words - "We're FINE!!" Tears still come streaming! How exciting - we're fine! And I got to see my sweet baby! That heart just a beating - I even saw a kick! My tears of sadness were all of sudden replaced with laughter and tears of joy! He said, "Oh, he's even big! Look, head, backbone, legs..." His excitement matched mine! We just watched all of us - Dr, nurse, and me! I must say I LOVE my practice - they seem to be really in it with you! I know the wait was horrible but the result was GREAT an answer to prayer for me! I wasn't expecting so much emotion even still but it's amazing to see this little person - no longer a mouse folks!! And "We're FINE!" I know it's hard to make out sono pictures but I wanted to share with you what brought me so much relief and joy this morning...So here is the souvenir from a hard day at the Dr.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Long Awaited Update - and it's GOOD!!

Well, when God works on our little ones, even the doctors and nurses are amazed!
Connor is doing GREAT! They told us originally that BEST CASE scenario would be for little man to be in a room at UAB before we could even look at coming home. Well, God must have disagreed! :) After only 3 days in a room, CONNOR IS COMING HOME TODAY! :) Praise the Lord!
I am so thankful and can't wait for my family to be back together again! I am also nervous and anxious about bringing home a sick baby...what if stuff goes wrong? What if his heart doesn't work right? What if his fever goes up? We are also coming home on the feeding tube while we work up his nutrition and intake. I worry about this too. Please pray that little man will do awesome and that God will take care of him and that his mommy will trust in God and not worry. I don't want him to always struggle and my biggest fear is to bring him home and get into trouble again and not be at the hospital. Pray for Connor's silly mommy to not be afraid of caring for her precious man.
God Bless You All!