Wednesday, August 29, 2007


YAY - The Lord has made clear our path!

Quick I know, but Jason talked to Mr. Crump yesterday about this position (K4). And he said "IF" they can get the 5th student they will need an immediate teacher - like a week from now! Well, that's it! I can't do it! I cannot leave my beloved ARC hanging with no replacement. FLATTERED - YES - That they even considered me!

I'm still so excited about doing the Kindergarten music. That is my desire and has been for a year now! I want to see that position go somewhere. I generally have a hard time saying no to things but since they considered me this time - I figure if I want it (later) - they can consider me again (at a better time for me, after sitting under and possibly subbing in K4 - after getting some experience, and MOST DEFINITELY AFTER HAVING THIS BABY!!). And if not, really I'm ecstatic about my music class! I did consider this opportunity for Jason - I think he wanted me to give it a try - and I think he was also flattered they considered me without either of us "asking" for the position. Can you image me teaching K4 Jazzercise - ha (that's for you Shalita - you know that's what I'll be doing in "music")! I also talked to my sister and she said - NO WAY - don't do that to yourself! She said with me being pregnant I would basically be putting a lot of stress on myself! I love having a sister that can be so honest - who knows me and my personality and knows that I would go into self destruct! She definitely wants me to give it a try one day though!

I love, love, love what Graced said!! If you didn't read it I'm posting it here because it just may apply to you! And I thought about you Ginger - when you were talking about making decisions - Graced is such a gentle spirit and a very thoughtful person - she's my "Cyberspace Mentor" - and I know she is that to a lot of you other girls too! Aren't you so glad we KNOW GRACED! I feel privilege at this point! Okay so here's her "comment" -

Friend, I know that God will tell you and Jason exactly what steps to take just as it is time for you to take them. Let your mind be at peace, there is no decision to be made today. I have to throw in a bit of personal experience. Whenever God has launched us into a new path, many opportunities have suddenly come bounding forward. Most of them look great and, more importantly, offer the security I crave. God is teaching me that not all good offers are good for me. Often He wants us to stay out on that limb of faith learning to enjoy swinging in the breeze. I believe that Satan uses security to tempt me out of God's will very often. He can tempt us with the good to ruin us for the great. Please understand that I am not saying that this opportunity is wrong, it just reminded me of my own journey. God never fails to answer the prayer that cries out for His will.I am proud of you.

My favorite is: He (Satan) can tempt us with the good to ruin us for the great! I want the GREAT! I want security for sure but the Lord is providing! Please continue to pray for our support raising efforts. Jason is meeting with SMI missions director tonight to seek support there. Hopefully we can get monthly support from them! Pray, Pray, Pray!! He has other meetings lined up and pray that they will bring about fruit! I covet your prayers my dear friends in Christ!


The Ferrill's said...

Page I am praying for yall and have such respect for you both, pursuing God's calling and stepping out in faith! I'm glad you got that confirmation about not doing the K4 job! I love your baby ticker at the top of your blog! Cute!
Man, I would love a video of you teaching Jazzercize to 4 year olds. Priceless!
Love you! I answered your questions on my blog today!

-C said...

Awesome. Isn't God good to quickly shut a door and you can be so certain you're walking in His will?

Janet said...

Wow. Truly God is good!! Glad to hear that God answered so quickly. You are and will be a great teacher! Too bad John Caedmon won't get to have you as a Sheep teacher for CBS! I think jazzercize would be great fun with 4 year olds! Don't you? ;)

Trace Car Driver said...

GOD IS GOOD, ALL THE TIME!! that is great that you got such a definite answer already. and in the future, when the time is right, hopefully you will get the experiece to sub and then you might have your own class one day. but for now, your focus is right where it needs to be - THIS BABY!!! hooray, you have made it to 6 weeks without feeling too sick. time will fly by. in no time at all you will be holding that sweet baby thinking, i remember when i was 6 weeks pregnant!!! will keep praying for you... can't wait to see how god continues to use AND BLESS your family :) love you!!

Ginger said...

Wow! What Graced said really spoke to me! Satan uses my need of stability to really make me fear and worry. I often forget that I am free from that bondage! Thanks! And we are definetly praying for you guys!