Friday, August 17, 2007

Mixed Emotions - More than likely due to hormonal imbalance!!

School officially started today...I definitely had mixed emotions! Somewhere deep, deep down I know I am singing the Hallelujah Chorus! I've been looking forward to this day for, well, all summer! This morning I was feeling good - excited about school - not even thinking all the sad mom thoughts. But our ride to school is about 30 mins and while driving I all the sudden got sad, but I pushed those thoughts aside - thinking NO WAY AM I GOING THERE! This is GREAT.

Well, it wasn't rainy when I left the house so I didn't think it would be at school. But right when I drove up it started to rain. I was going to drop the kids off in car pool but Anna's mat was in the trunk so I decided to take them in. MISTAKE! Last year when I sent Noah I took him through car pool and cried on the way to work. I should have done the carpool thing. This year I took that step and walked them in.

They have a "holding room" where all the Kindergartners stay during carpool - then they all walk together to the kindergarten hall and into their classrooms. Noah walked right in looking for his class to get in line with. I have to admit I think the chaos got to me. The teachers were scattered helping various kids, the kids were forming lines, and Anna just stood in the door. I told her what line to go in but she just walked behind me and stood. My heart sank. But in Mrs. Moore got her and she went right with her with no fight and stood in her line. Then Mrs. Moore turns to me and starts talking about how fine she will be and I broke. Tears started flowing and I could not stop! I was a little embarrassed. Our family is a family of extremes! I hate crying especially in public because I very rarely can get it together and it is NOT a pretty sight. I'm sure I freaked Mrs. Moore out! I just had to walk away...I really felt a little ridiculous! A sweet little tear would have satisfied my soul but the flood - my goodness.

It's not sending them to school that gets me every time. It's the "WHAT THE" look that they get...The "I'm not sure what's going on here" look, the "Can I do this" look. There is NO OTHER PERSON in the WORLD I would rather leave my child with than Mrs. Moore. She is so gentle and sweet and she really truly loves the kids in her class.

Well, there's nothing like work to get your mind off being so sad! Today was one day I was glad I had a job. And that reminded me how GREAT it was that Anna was in school! She would have been miserable today if she had to go to work with me. Instead she met new friends and played on the playground. I told Noah to watch out for Anna and sit with her at lunch. Well today I asked him if he sat with her at lunch and he said "No, I sat with ___ because he had the same backpack as me" WHAT! So much for that - he said she sat with some girls who were in his class last year! I knew she was in good hands. Mrs. Moore described Anna as a "free spirit" - she said she came right in the class and took her shoes off and got comfortable. She also mentioned how different she is than Noah - Noah and Mrs. Moore had a special bond last year and I don't think he can be replaced by his "free spirited" sister!

Noah was more than excited to be in the same class with James and Mrs. Vigneulle is a GREAT teacher - I think she will be perfect for Noah and he will learn a lot under her care! She said Noah was great today and a good helper!

So, all in all, they had a GREAT day and the kids even cried when I picked them up 1 hour early so they wouldn't have to nap!! I was trying to be nice but...Actually I wanted to be the one they napped with!

The day has ended with us all home - EVEN JASON! We were all so glad to see him! And more than that I'm so glad I don't have to drop them off until NEXT YEAR! I love that Jason does that everyday - so now I can experience the true joy I feel now that they are in school!!


care-in said...

E liked your pictures. She immediately recognized the one with them in the hallway and said, "School!" I still have one more week!

-C said...

Loved the pictures ... Noah's mannerisms are so Jason it makes me smile. :)

Amy said...

I loved the pics! I just have one question...does Noah wear an undershirt everyday? hee, hee
I just noticed and thought it was so Jason. I also couldn't stop laughing at the 2 of them crying because they got to leave school early! How crazy is that?

Kim said...

AAAAAAAA! I was reading your blog (without reading the previous one) and kept screaming to Quinn "Is Page Dollar pregnant?" Why would Quinn know? I have no idea. Anyway, I just kept reading and thinking "Is she alluding to being pregnant?" followed by the occasional question to Quinn and then got to the next blog. Yes! I'm so happy for you guys. Woo hoo! It does make my womb itchy though...

The Ferrill's said...

Aw Page! I would have been crying right there with ya! Anna looks so BIG GIRLIE with her backpack and little haircut! And Noah looks like such a big boy! What a blessing that they can go to such a wonderful Christian school! I'm glad they like it so much, and you can get some good work done!
Miss YOUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Open House was today, did you go?

Anonymous said...

i love the blog and pics... but the kids are growing up way too fast! ahhhhhh, i don't wanna think about trace and school, i will be crying like a baby too! oh, and i LOVE the little prego comic... SO you! but you know what would have been even better? if the girl was dipping onw of the tests in the toilet! HAHAHAHA!!! love you!! j

Christy said...

Still don't know if I'll ever experience this scenario. Neil Boortz makes me want to home kids and craziness and the desire to have more kids makes me not want to.

Robyn said...

Wow this is the 2nd comment on your blog, I know you are so excited Ha!Ha!. Page you are not alone. I have cried every year that Annabelle has gone to school. The look of "why are you leaving me" gets me everytime. Annabelle is in the 2nd grade and I cried and was upset because I couldn't walk her in and had to let her out in the line. Hang it there it gets better and its great when they love it.
Hope to see you soon at Dance-fun!
Love ya