Friday, July 20, 2007

What a DRIVE!

We had a GREAT drive today! The kids are with Pop and Mawmaw having a BLAST! Anna was already dressing up before we left!

Amy, you'll enjoy this - Jason's mom has a VERY GREEN THUMB! Her house is in bloom. It's beautiful. This is Anna in the midst of it!

We are spending the night in Beckley West Viriginia. I've been as far as Knoxville but after that it was all new - and GORGEOUS. I was taking pictures from the car - so there are spots on the pictures but you can still see just how beautiful it is! I'm pretty excited about seeing more tomorrow.

Jason and I have really enjoyed each others company today. We've sang some of our favorite old songs, listened to Chris Rice's new CD - (we like it!) I read my book to Jason and we had some good discussions. It was talking about serving others while your "on your way." We looked for an opportunity, and actually found one but it was on the opposite side of the HWY - FLAT TIRE! Oh well, our eyes were opened. I also did a few Suduko puzzles. Late lunch at Cracker Barrell, neither one of us had to take the kids to the bathroom - all around GREAT - so far so good.

And a beautiful sunset to close the day!


Graced said...

What sweet blessings. May God's hand rest gently on you this weekend!

Anonymous said...

wow, you already blogged??? you are so good! sounds like ya'll are already having a great trip... i am excited for you! love the pics and can't wait to see more. praying 4 ya'll! love ya cuz ~ j :-)

Amyee said...

the garden is beautiful! I'm glad I wasn't there to hear you and Jason singing in the car!! ha, ha
Have a great time together!! can't wait to play ms. pac man with ya!!
hey, email me how to keep up with the ferrills in china...amy

michelle said...

oh page! That all sounds so awesome! I am so glad for you, that you two got some special time in.

Abbey said...

SOunds wonderful! I'm so happy that ya'll got to get away. Those are beautiful pictures!

Matt & I usually have our best conversations in the car travelling. I think it's becasue he can't escape!! ;)

Christy D said...

I think West Virginia is so beautiful. Sort of scary too cause I felt like I was in the middle of nowhere! Our phones didn't work and I couldn't see any light or sighs of life anywhere. That's about all I remember about it...oh, and the 3 crosses that are everywhere.
Can't wait to hear about the rest of your trip.