Monday, June 25, 2007


I'm 27 - Just growing right up! My mom bought this cake for me - it's ice cream! And so delicious. If you know us Dollar girls you know - WE LOVE CAKE! Anna was so excited it was someone's birthday!

It was fun! I got a pedicure Saturday with Mom, Macie, and Sally we also had lunch at Pablos - which is always a treat! Sally took the kids out, so I got to spend some quiet time with Jason. Which was much needed because he had to go to camp on Sunday - my actual Birthday. I got some really sweet cards and emails. Sally gave me a NEW SUDOKU book - YAY and other goodies or undies HA! All in all - it was a good birthday. I just wish Jason could have been there for the whole day! I love you Jason!!
And I topped of the great weekend with going to see Holly and GRACE! Holly had Grace Saturday. I can't wait to post pictures of her - she's adorable!

So - how did you celebrate your 27th Birthday?


care-in said...

Happy Birthday! Cake is okay...but the ice cream is the best!

michelle said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY !! Eat cake!!

The Donovan's said...

I celebrated by going to cocoa beach with Dave, eating high priced seafood and getting ice cream on the beach. Very fun:).

-C said...

Happy birthday! Whew it's been over 5 years for me, but my 27th is actually one bday past 20 that I remember since it was my "golden" birthday (I was born on the 27th). I stood in a high school friend's wedding as a bridesmaid that day (pretty cool, huh?) in PA (my home). Although Doug wasn't with me on the trip (sad), I was surrounded by my family and several sweet nephews that I hadn't seen in awhile.

The Ferrill's said...

Boy do you Dollar girls like cake!!!
Are you for real? You are 27? You are a BABY. A BABY! PAGE! Are you for real? I am so old. This does not make me happy. Please Page, pretend you are older. Just pretend.

Abbey said...

Happy Belated, girly!!! I'm behind on my blog u[dates. I hope you had your fill of yummy bday cake...nothing better!!