Monday, June 11, 2007


We had a BLAST at the beach! There are a ton of pictures to prove it. NO ONE wanted to come home! Anna cried - she wanted to stay at our Beach House! I already miss the laziness: Just hanging out at the pool and spending the afternoons at the beach hanging around in my lime green cover up - no shower, no make up, no hair-fixin: PURE LAZINESS!

My favorite thing we did was fly kites on the beach. The waves were so rough and it made me so nervous because Noah enjoyed "fighting" the waves - he loved to get knocked down by them - so this particular day we didn't even go close to the water. We just got the kites out and watched them fly! The kids loved it too. This is how lazy I am: I loved it because it was so windy they didn't even have to run! They just stood there and watched them fly!

Thanks to Delilah I'm now addicted to Sodoku Puzzles (easy ones of course). So, I would just sit by the pool and work my puzzles. I feel like I'm so smart when I complete them but they are the EASY EASY EASY ones! I just like saying I can work Sodoku puzzles. Just say it - It makes you feel like a little genius! HA! Jason was hooked on a book he was reading for school and Delilah was hooked on Harry Potter! So we all just hung out! That's the LIFE! That was one successful family vacation! Below are a few of my favorite pictures...slide show to come!!


Graced said...


Virginia said...

What a great way to kick off the summer! :)

(I like the easy Soduko puzzles too...there are some fun ones online!)

The Ferrill's said...

Page! Thank you for the beautiful pictures of the beach! I can be there vicariously through you! I'm so glad you had such a restful vacation! Those are the best!

michelle said...

I do love all the pictures! Looks like you had fun.

Abbey said...

Me jealous.