Saturday, April 7, 2007

What Else

Well, the week is almost over and I've left you hanging since we purchased our Passover Lamb.

Thursday night at the dinner table we talked about Jesus washing his disciples feet. And even though he was God he came as a servant. So, you guessed it...After dinner we washed the kids feet. They had the same reaction as Peter, except they didn't try to refuse us at first. They wanted to put their hands, feet, as much of them that could fit in that little bowl. Anna just would scream and giggle. We actually did it twice because they wanted to do it again.

Friday - we "killed" our lamb (with a butter knife). We pretended of course, and pretended to put his blood on our door. And then we hid the lamb and no one has seen it. Then Jason went to Gyros Cafe and brought lamb home for dinner. We had lamb and Welchs grape juice. The kids ate it and liked it. They thought it was so funny to eat lamb. It was good!

Tonight we are making Easter cookies that tell the Easter story and tomorrow when we wake up the cookies will be hollow. I've had this recipe for 3 years and finally this year I remembered to pull it out and do it!

Tomorrow is Resurrection day and we had a GREAT week of preparing our kids for Easter. Jason and I wanted to take this opportunity at a holiday to "teach our children" when they ask - "why are we doing this?" Anna is young, but Noah is really catching on to these concepts of salvation and Jesus work on the cross. So, that makes it worth it!


The Ferrill's said...

Awesome Page! These are memories your children will never forget! May they pass them on from generation to generation...
Love and Happy Easter!

Tony & Leslie said...

What a creative and wonderful way to celebrate!

michelle said...

This was a really creative way yo celebrate easter! I love it.