Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Random pictures from the latest happenings!

Okay, I'm trying to make up for lost time here so I've posted some VERY random pictures since Easter to today! So, I hope you enjoy!!

Palm Sunday 2007


Finding our Passover Lamb!

The fun of this is - you never know if you got Noah's decorated cupcakes...AAAHHH!

2nd Annual Cupcakes & Egg-Decorating with Sally, Ronnie, and Wayne!!

This is my FAVORITE picture of the BOYS!! So handsome in their matching ties!!

EASTER 2007 - FREEZING!!____________________________________

My Pink Sheep CBS Class 2007!
It was our last day with them!!

Notice: Anna NOT SINGING & Jacey Grace doing her nails...Cooperation/Participation is NOT in their vocabulary!
And then Anna takes a bow...For what? Standing there? I guess it was for being so darn cute!!

So that's what we've been doing lately...

Next up BEACH!!


Amy said...

great pictures! hope to see you guys soon.

The Ferrill's said...

I thought Anna and Jacey Grace did so great! Your Easter pics are beautiful! Did you curl Anna's hair?
Thanks for the update..I never get to see you because I'm always having to be 3 places at one time on Tuesdays!
Love ya,
Sweet as sugar

Graced said...

Gracious your kids look just like ya'll. Thanks for the pics. I have never glimpsed the kids. I wish we could see you again.

Abbey said...

Hey there girly! Good to see you on here! All your pics are so good! Glad ya'll are doing well...we would love to see ya'll soon!