Monday, December 31, 2007

You are Amazing God...

We sang this song in church Sunday and there is a line that says...

"You see the depths of my heart and you love me the same...You are amazing God."

This line really struck me because the Lord has really showered his blessings on us this month and I am ever so thankful for his generosity, provision, and the fact that He seems ever present and near to us right now. Answering not only our family prayers but the prayers of others as well. The testimony of God's faithfullness is abounding. But, I know my heart is so decitiful and wicked and yet He has done great things despite me! Thank GOD for grace and mercy. As Brian preached Sunday I was again dumbfounded at the realization that I've only applied God to the financial part of our life. For one this is the family security, and maybe because I know He is the only one that can see us through this starting ministry. I know He is big enough to provide money especially $3000-$4000 a month is NO BIG DEAL TO HIM! His streets are paved with GOLD! But the fact is I can't see past my own needs. I want to start really praying for others, giving to others, blessing others the way we have been blessed. Being sensitive to how the Lord wants us to minister to others. I'm going to list the REALLY cool provisions we experienced this month and I see them all from the Lord's hand. I give him all the praise and Glory for what He has provided. I also want to thank all the people who have given to us and have been sensitive to the Lord's leading! You have been an encouragement to me personally and Jason as well. We have really experienced how the body of Christ works not only in the Church building but in the PEOPLE - HIS CHURCH!

This month we started out short and we were unable to pay ALL the bills at our "normal" time. This was the first time since the ministry has started that we weren't "making" it. So, we decided to still tithe and pay what we could AND trust God to provide. Don't get me wrong, FEAR was the first emotion and tears came, I was so thankful too for the support that was given for that month. One person brought up that months support generously! So, it was hard to juggle the thankfulness I had to our supporters and the fear I had about what the Lord was going to do with us! But this month has been one of the most encouraging months thus far. It's amazing what God can and will do when we allow Him to! Our house was broken into soon after the first of the month and it really wasn't a big deal as you know some very UNVALUABLE things were stolen and we were reminded that our Treasure is in heaven. We were able to teach our kids that lesson too, since Noah's GameCube was stolen! He had the best attitude about it and went to school asking his class to pray for the "robbers." One of Noah's closest friends (who is 6 I might add) when hearing of the loss of the GameCube decided he wanted to replace it with his Christmas money from his Grandad. And he did! That was the sweetest story. We also had our DVD stolen and a friend from VEBC replaced that with a WAY BETTER ONE. Then the other day I got a gift card from "Santa" - he had heard of our robbery and hoped we had a good Christmas. WHOEVER SANTA IS....THANK YOU! We had a GREAT CHRISTMAS! That was very encouraging and fun to get that sweet surprise.

Speaking of Christmas...A VERY CLOSE DEAR FRIEND bought ALL the kids Christmas and not just a toy here and there - the WHOLE THING! You will see the picture of our TREE. I WAS OVERWHELMED CHRISTMAS EVE!

Another very cool thing was one night we had to go grocery shopping and I was sending Jason because he can shop CHEAP! We checked the mail before he left and there was a PUBLIX giftcard in the mailbox from a funeral home here in town that Jason had preached the week before. This was so strange to us because he has done many funerals there and has NEVER gotten a gift from them. It wasn't like we got money and had to decide where to use it the Lord said - you need groceries tonight - here ya go...Go get some groceries! There are other stories too of free prescriptions and running into friends at lunch, getting unexpected donations, being confirmed by our church Ridgecrest and SMI. The list is exciting. And I'm happy to report that this month the Lord has provided! The Lord is so good or should I say AMAZING!

So, continue to pray for our ministry as we cross your mind and thank you again for all the love and support so many of you have already given! We are having our prayer card made this week so if you don't get our newsletter and want me your address ( We would love to add you to our update list.

I promise to post pictures of Christmas soon!

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Merry Christmas...

We had a VERY Merry Christmas. When I get some time I'm going to make a slideshow and let everyone know what we've been doing...But for now...this will have to do!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Calling My Prayer Warriors!!

I really wanted to ask each of you who regularly visit the blog to please pray for my friend Brooke. She's in the hospital with a brain lesion! Brook was my VERY BEST FRIEND in 8th grade and because of a school split I never saw her after that year. I've always thought so much of her and hoped I would one day be in touch with her again. And when reading the newspaper one day I found a way too! Since then we've caught up on email and I just LOVE hearing from her. She is a VERY strong believer which was so encouraging to me when we started communicating again! Here is her blog that was made to keep people up to date on her situation:

Below is a blog her husband wrote concerning her condition:

The head neurologist came in and told us some specific information you can pray about. They found one 3/4 centimeter lesion on her brain... Scary.---Good news, they believe it is the cause of all her problems...They do know where the lesion is location, but they don't know what it is yet. They will be running tests all weekend and through next week. They mentioned possible problems, but no need to worry anyone yet. It could be a simple fix with steroids, a viral disease, or any number of other things... The possibility of it being "something else" is scary but we know God is in control of the situation.Thank God --- they finally found the area causing the problem.HERE'S MY REQUEST....We know the problem -- but we have to get rid of it... Your prayers is truly having a calming effect on us.. Please keep it up..Love y'all..

Please pray!
Thank you!

Monday, December 10, 2007

This is what's been going on...

Per Jason...

Thursday when the kids and I arrived home from school, things did not look right. The couch cushions were thrown on the floor, the Christmas presents under the tree were opened (albeit left) and all the top drawers in the house had been opened with stuff thrown everywhere. Now nobody is going to accuse our family of being the spic-and-span poster family, but hey, we clean up a little better than that!I went to the basement and saw the window broken that the trespassers had crawled through. I noticed our laptop (actually my father-in-law's laptop) gone. Man, I worked long and hard putting all our music on that computer from CD's. Oh well.Our DVD player, gone. Noah's Gamecube, gone. Plus the thieves took all our piggy banks (even little Anna's) and dumped them out, apparently searching for quarters, since they did not take any pennys. I told Page that these thieves must have been disappointed if they were looking for anything really valuable!So the police came and filed the report and Page and I found ourselves, well, not very upset at all. I was fascinated by how okay we were about all of this. We prayed before dinner for the salvation of the robbers. The Lord must really be working in our lives!But I did have to temporarily repair the window downstairs with a big blue tarp that I use for just about everything. I drag leaves with it. I drag the kids around the yard with it. I use it to cover trash when I have to haul it off. This blue tarp has been the best tool I have ever had. So I got my duct tape and my blue tarp and I repaired the window. I even blocked the window up real nice with some extra wood, just in case our sneaky friends decide to return.In the process I noticed that lint was everywhere in our basement. I had seen it before, but now I began to think, you know, this could be a fire hazard. So I started cleaning all the lint up and it started making its way into my lungs. Since Thursday, I have not been able to breath! I feel like there's a pound of lint in each lung. Sleeping has been tough since I wake up wheezing like the Titanic (shrug).So I decided I need to repair the dryer and get the vent outside the house so my family and I can breath. We have been venting the dryer inside the house courtesy of Page's pantyhose. I thought this was the thing to do! When we moved into the house, people told us this was the thing to do - drape your wife's pantyhose around the dryer hose and shazaam. But friends it doesn't work. That is why lint was hanging from our ceiling downstairs like Spider man had paid a visit. I went online and every dryer expert in the land said, "Do not vent on the inside! You must vent your dryer on the outside!"But of course in order to vent our dryer on the outside you would have to drill a hole through concrete block. That is, until our sneaky friends broke our window! I decided since the window was broken anyway, to vent out the window. A stroke of pure genius! If I knew anything at all about venting dryers.I went to Wal-mart, home of everything in the world, and purchased the vent and the new hose. I brought it home. I pulled out my drill. And my saw. And at 9:45, kids in bed, Page thinking I am Jason Vorhees, I commenced to cutting and drilling and taping. It was an awful racket. Included in the vent kit was a big metal pipe-thingie which you are suppose to place inside the vent and drape the hose on. That pipe-thingie fell apart. It is cheap material made for people who know what they are doing. My frustration level continued to increase as I realized that my homeowner skills where much like a third grader attempting to play shortstop for the Orioles, it just ain't gonna happen. I ended up stuffing the hose through the hole in the wood that I had placed in the window. Then I reached down to plug the dryer back in, but the plug would not go back in the wall. I tried to manipulate it back in when all of the sudden - jooolt! - It wasn't really bad, but I felt it. I remember my grandparents had an electric fence and once when I was a kid I had an arrow (as in bow and arrow) and just simply laid that arrow down on the wired fence. I had that same feeling with the dryer. Couple hundred watts or so, making their way into my heart.But I got the plug back in, cleaned up the sawdust and extra lint, and turned the dryer on - I think it actually works. But my nose and throat are not working at all! I came upstairs a minute ago and took a swig of Children's Benadryl (after you have kids, there is no shame in taking the children's version of medicine).But I was thinking it will take a minute for the medicine to kick in so maybe I should blog about all this while it is fresh on my mind. The moral of the story is twofold - First, don't let thieves, vents, or blocked breathing passageways steal your joy. Christ is bigger and better than all of these! Second, I need to move into an apartment ASAP!
By Jason Dollar

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

A Sneak Peak...

We got the sonogram today and who knew it was going to be SO fun! We didn't find out the sex and the sonogram lady didn't find out either - so NO ONE KNOWS!! I was so glad she didn't - the thought of someone knowing something I didn't might have eaten me up inside. So, Thank You Leigh! She was great! And fun to talk. So, now I have no idea what we are having - whatever it is (boy/girl) it is SO DARN CUTE!

What we do know is this:

  • Healthy Baby - growing right on target.

  • Weighs 13 ounces

  • Great looking heart - all four chambers just a going!

  • Laid BACK - this baby had its hands above its head and legs outstreched and feet crossed.

  • Has two feet - complete with toes

  • Has two hands - complete with fingers

  • Great looking bones - backbone, ribs, arms, legs

  • Great profile

  • So sweet! It's amazing they can test that in the womb now! It passed the sweet test!

So OH WHAT FUN! Jason and I both loved it! I'm really shocked that it got me so excited. Here are a few pictures they took! Enjoy! I'm so sorry for my HORRIBLE scanning the pictures were bending from being in my purse AND, I cut them a little CRAZY! Sorry to all my perfectionist friends. I hope you can look past it and see the sweet baby!

Arm up


This one is HARD - it's the legs stretched out.

Here's looking at YOU!

Monday, November 26, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving Indeed

Here are a few pictures from the weekend. We had a GREAT Thanksgiving - inspite of one set back. Thanksgiving morning Noah and Jason spent some time at the local Doc in a Box. Noah had a BAD ear infection and was just in so much pain. He was sick the two days we had to visit family but he has recovered and was glad he got to go anyway. Most of the pictures were taken at Jason's parents house - which he blogged about all the fun there.

Anna and Francie - so cute together - they are becoming really good friends - I love it

When Noah FINALLY felt like eating he wanted to eat the TURKEY LEG! YUM! Doesn't he look like a KING! And yes, they are eating under the table.

Noah with Mawmaw trying to "catch fire" - he loves building a fire at Pop and Mawmaws

Sweet family picture - Pop, Anna, Mawmaw and Jason

Anna doing her favorite thing with Mawmaw - Planting

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Just for Fun

Have you heard the Old Wives Tale that you can determine the sex of the Baby by the heartrate? My dad swears by this...He said that with me (they couldn't find out the sex back then) the nurse in the labor room asked my dad if he wanted a boy or a girl. He said "Well, to be honest I want another girl." And the nurse said, "You're getting a girl!" And so he did. So, it's no longer a tale but FACT! I have to say I've heard that story over and over again since my brother (you know sister in law), sister, and I have been pregnant - which has been 7 times now! I give into that thinking too. So here is the actual "tale":

As the old wives' tale has it, if your unborn baby's heart rate is higher, above 140 beats per minute, that means you're carrying a girl. A lower heart rate below 140 bpm means you're having a boy.

So, that would mean...that I would be having a girl. But 153 to me seems low. Anna's was in the 160's - so, it worked once for me. I can't find where I wrote down Noah's but I thought it was in the 150's. THIS IS JUST FOR FUN! So, no smart remarks about "If you want to know, just find out!" I don't want to know...I just want to play with these tales. It's funny I think I'm gonna do one a month. Just to keep my mind from thinking ONE SEX! My sister and I did this with Will and Noah (we were pregnant at the same time). We did the heartrate - his was high Noah's was low. We did the string thing, we did a lot of these. Everything we did I was the opposite. So when she found out first she was having a boy - I really thought this could be a girl. But they were both BOYS! So, don't worry that I'm believing these things and I'm out buying all pink stuff - I'm NOT - for one I can't afford to!! HA!

BUT, I'm interested. If you can remember the rate of your babies leave a comment and tell me what yours was and if the "tale" was true for you. And, tell me what you think by mine...JUST FOR FUN!

Monday, November 5, 2007


Okay this is really just my thoughts about our Church that I don't want to think about and then forget...A little soul searching...So, read if you feel like it!

Okay, so since we've taken this "Youth Apologist" job - I have often stopped and wondered, "Is this REALLY what God wants?" I have had thoughts like the Israelites when following Moses out of Egypt: "Back in Egypt we at least had food, and knew what each day held - enslaved yes, but at least we knew." This hit me like a ton of bricks Sunday! Also,when things have gotten "scary" I want to tell Jason - just go back to the Church and preach. Don't follow where God is leading right now - maybe we aren't ready - financially or spiritually.

This is why I love Ridgecrest. I'm finding that I love truth. Brian has yet to preach a sermon that says, "Since we are following God and trusting in Him in this ministry we are going to be provided for, safe, easy going, people are going to be knocking down the doors wanting Jason to teach and people are going to be eager to give to this ministry." Instead, yesterday we heard about Moses, who was thinking that serving the Lord should be easy and God said "It's not about you - It's about ME."

Moses also asked, "Why did you call me to this? I can't handle this - I would rather be dead." Joshua wondered why God called him to a battle only to be defeated. Jeremiah cursed the day he was born because of the threats and "ministry" the Lord has called him to do - and the fact that he couldn't quit the "ministry" - it was a FIRE IN HIS BONES.

WOW, I also love that lately I've thought I'm a pretty "good" person. This is so funny to me - when I'm out of the Word or fellowship with believers I start to think "I'm not so bad." When I'm in the Word, being taught, and fellowshipping I think "WOW, I'm HORRIBLE!" We had to list out some sins the other Wednesday night to ask for forgiveness and I was stumped trying to figure out my sins. But the past two weeks I've been made VERY aware at just how awful I am. I can see what the blood is covering and I rejoice in my salvation!! I don't trust God to take care of us, I struggle with PRIDE, I don't desire the word of God - but want the promises, but what struck me the hardest is I really don't trust God right now. I believe in Him, I believe the Gospel - but I just came to the realization that I'm not giving Him our LIFE - our everyday stuff, if a storm were to come I would be completely knocked down and thrown for a loop! I want to trust Him in the Wilderness, in Prison, and in the "dark days of the soul."

I feel like I'm about to have a spiritual breakthrough here. I'm excited to see what the Lord is going to do not just physically with our family - but with me spiritually! I'm excited b/c in our small group we are all praying the same prayer for a hunger for God's word! I'm so excited to see how the Lord works in each of us!

So, I've been challenged, knocked up side the head and I love it! The sermons are so timely sometimes it's so funny! Jason and I will just laugh about it (sometimes even during the sermon). Wendy told me, "I'll have to listen to Joel Osteen to get my little pick me up!!" Don't you just LOVE Wendy! Everyone needs a Wendy in their life!!

On a different NOTE...

I just got back from the Dr. and everything is right on track! YAY! I finally got to hear that sweet heartbeat at 153 beats! My next visit is Dec. 4 and we are getting the sonogram! So for all you who think I can't not find out - I'm about to prove you ALL wrong (but whose losing here)! If I had to guess - I think it's a boy! That's just a guess...NO FACTS!

Praising God...

Friday, November 2, 2007

Happy Halloween!

Noah as Captain Hook

Tiger Wil-We (Lily)

Tiger Lily - Tinker Bell - Captain Hook - Peter Pan

And the Beautiful Alice in Wonderland

I think the kids had a GREAT time this year! Noah and Anna got to dress up at school so they woke up Wednesday without a fuss! AAAHHH...The joys of a exciting day! When days start like that you know they have to be good.

We have a family tradition to go my mom's house and Trick-or-Treat her neighborhood. It's a GREAT neighborhood and basically we were the only Trick or Treaters. All the kids were funny! Will and Noah were pretty much first to every door and we had a fight about who was gonna ring the doorbell just about everytime. Will would get so excited and just start telling the people "This is my Cousin - NOAH!" They will tell people their whole life if someone will say "Hey" to them. Anna told everyone that she wasn't an Indian that she was "Tiger Wil-we (lily)." She took her role as Tiger Lily very serious - I thought she would take her wig off but once it was on - she was Tiger Lily! Very cute! Francie was Tinkerbell and she didn't want to be Tinkerbell -she pitched a fit while getting ready but then once the outfit was on - she was okay! And she walked the whole neighborhood and carried her candy most of the way! I was shocked. She went through about 7 different suckers while on the way - she would get a new one and chunk the one she was eating. She was so funny - this was her first time to really Tricker Treat. And Morgan poor thing was so sick but I think she had a really good time still. She's so sweet! So, it was VERY fun and VERY fun to watch! I hope everyone had a good time! So for the last time...Happy Halloween!!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

My Francis

Some of you know and have seen my sweet neice Francie and some of you haven't. She just turned two last week! And she is just becoming such a doll. And I have fell in love with her all over again! She just loves to see us Dollars coming!! Here are pictures from her Birthday Party (the one event I've been to)...


Me and Francie

I love this picture - they have the same face - like "Give me a break!"

And last but certainly not least is the reunion of "The Gang" - their back and ready for Halloween!

Saturday, October 20, 2007


Nothing says I can pull through more than the birth of a family member! This is my cousin Josh and Shannon's baby Laura Grace - born YESTERDAY! Isn't she the sweetest! I can't wait to get to see her and hold her! Congrats Aunt Teri, Uncle John, Beth, Tom, Jamie, Nate, Trace, Rachel, Dalton, and Kenley! But most of all Congrats to Josh and Shannon!!! She's beautiful.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Have I Lost You?

Okay, I feel like I'm losing my readers that I love so much! I haven't blogged because basically I feel HORRIBLE!! I really don't want all my friends to hear me complaining about how horrible I feel and even get the wrong impression about this pregnancy! I'm 13 weeks - I've looked forward to this week since I found out I was pregnant in August! But, this week I got a stomach virus which put me to bed for a couple of days. I think all the throw up I held back was released in a 24 hour period (see this is why I didn't blog about it)! Also, I've basically checked out of reality and only do what HAS TO BE DONE. Noah has resorted to telling people that I'm pregnant so I just lay around a lot. I think I've done good this pregnancy though. I've been to church and only missed Sunday School (WENDY) and one Wednesday night, maybe 2. With the other two kids - NO CHURCH for 3 months!! Work, I have been doing about 20 hours this month - until this week. And, I've even been to some social events, OKAY, one Birthday Party but wait I took Anna to dance twice! We really haven't done anything! This is my favorite time of year and I feel as though I'm missing out. Kim, I read your blog almost everyday because I love your enthusiasm of this season! I'm living through you and your pictures - keep them coming. I want so bad to make Carmel Apples and Fall cookies and decorate the house but I just don't have it in me! Next year will be so FUN!! That's what I keep saying. And I still have Thanksgiving! I love Thanksgiving too! We will be celebrating Halloween with my family and this year we have a theme - Peter Pan. I can't wait to post those pictures. They will be so cute! Noah is Captain Hook and Anna is Wendy Darling. My nephew Will is Peter Pan and my niece Francie is Tinkerbell. So cute - this is the first year we will have a theme and Will assigned the characters - he's pretty bossy!

One thing we have pretty much decided on is our church. We have been going to Ridgecrest Baptist Church and we LOVE IT! So, we will probably join soon - we joke saying in January b/c that's when all the moving will be over with and we can be first to join in the new facilities. But really we want to join in conjunction with Noah being baptized. Which we feel is coming on soon! He got to see a boy baptized Sunday - so now it's not so scary. We took the Lord's supper with Noah Sunday and it was just a GREAT experience. I held back my tears but it was one of the greatest things! I can't wait to have it with Anna too! Another exciting thing to me is that Brian asked Jason to preach in Nov. when he is going out of town. I just felt like that was a GREAT privilege! I can't wait for that! I think in some small way it encouraged Jason.

Jason has been busy with school (SMCS and Seminary) and raising support and trying to get teaching engagements. Please continue to pray for us. We are excited about this ministry and pray the Lord continues to provide. He hasn't showered down all we need but he has given us just what we need.

One last thing. I just have to post this picture of Conner at the Pumpkin Patch. How good is God!?! Can you believe it?

Monday, October 8, 2007

Finding Joy and Laughter...

This post was from Monday...
WOW, today I was going for a routine Dr. visit - 11 weeks - tomorrow 12! Whoo hoo! Hoping to soon be out of the Yucks!! First I hate, hate, hate when the Dr. you are to see is on call! That is always frustrating and they will ALWAYS deliver while you are waiting. So, I waited a hour for a room b/c the Dr. was delivering a baby!
Get a room and the nurse says - "Let's see if we can hear the heartbeat!" I love that heartbeat and I heard a heartbeat but they said "That's yours!" DANG! The nurse searched and searched and called another nurse in to search - nothing. She said the Dr. is gonna want to do a sonogram so get ready for that! When she left the room immediate tears! I was so anxious! I didn't want to make a scene - I had no reason to worry YET! I held it together as I just prayed for peace and prayed that my baby was safe. A million thoughts went through my mind, from how to tell people I'd miscarried to wonder how long it's been like this. What kept me calm was that I had not had any "complications". And I did get calm - while waiting the nurse came in and said, "the Dr. went to delivery again!" AGAIN!! AAHHH!! I waited about 30-45mins with the sono machine right next to me and if I could have figured that thing out I would have tried to see the baby myself - realizing Jason and I didn't have the money to fix what I would have probably broke I kept my hands to myself. I had gotten myself together and in comes Dr. Ross - a whirlwind rushing back up - he was full of apologies and knew I was a wreck waiting for him - the tears were back full force. He said let's get this done so you can relax and then we can talk! He said, "I'm gonna let you know the minute I see something!" and then those words - "We're FINE!!" Tears still come streaming! How exciting - we're fine! And I got to see my sweet baby! That heart just a beating - I even saw a kick! My tears of sadness were all of sudden replaced with laughter and tears of joy! He said, "Oh, he's even big! Look, head, backbone, legs..." His excitement matched mine! We just watched all of us - Dr, nurse, and me! I must say I LOVE my practice - they seem to be really in it with you! I know the wait was horrible but the result was GREAT an answer to prayer for me! I wasn't expecting so much emotion even still but it's amazing to see this little person - no longer a mouse folks!! And "We're FINE!" I know it's hard to make out sono pictures but I wanted to share with you what brought me so much relief and joy this morning...So here is the souvenir from a hard day at the Dr.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Long Awaited Update - and it's GOOD!!

Well, when God works on our little ones, even the doctors and nurses are amazed!
Connor is doing GREAT! They told us originally that BEST CASE scenario would be for little man to be in a room at UAB before we could even look at coming home. Well, God must have disagreed! :) After only 3 days in a room, CONNOR IS COMING HOME TODAY! :) Praise the Lord!
I am so thankful and can't wait for my family to be back together again! I am also nervous and anxious about bringing home a sick baby...what if stuff goes wrong? What if his heart doesn't work right? What if his fever goes up? We are also coming home on the feeding tube while we work up his nutrition and intake. I worry about this too. Please pray that little man will do awesome and that God will take care of him and that his mommy will trust in God and not worry. I don't want him to always struggle and my biggest fear is to bring him home and get into trouble again and not be at the hospital. Pray for Connor's silly mommy to not be afraid of caring for her precious man.
God Bless You All!

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Thanks for Praying With Me

Thank you for praying with me this weekend. WOW, they are in a room - no more CICU!! WHOO HOO! Carla's already got that baby right where she wants him - in her arms!! YAY! I rejoice with you Carla.

I have to say, I had a God moment this weekend through all this. Friday night I was unsure how to pray. I kept saying the same thing over, and over again (and Conner was struggling). I wanted to pray something so profound but all I could come up with was: "God sustain his life, keep him fighting, I know you can do this, save his life, save his life, save his life!!!" Pretty much pleading with the Lord but also so frustrated that that was all I could think of to say - out of fear. Then in the next room I hear Jason praying with Noah and Anna and I hear Noah say "God, thank you for this night, thank you that you hear us and you know what we are going to say before we say it." My heart was overjoyed because all of a sudden I realized I didn't have to say anything profound. I had asked God to take care of Conner and I laid it at his feet. I actually asked him to pray something profound for me because the words weren't coming. I'm so thankful that the Lord took the burden from me and showed me how to pray from my 5 year old. He's quite the theologian and that was not the first time he has taught me about what a GREAT God we serve or how to pray for that matter.

So, now I rejoice with the Henley's! Thanking God for answering ALL our prayers! He is on a GREAT road to recovery! I couldn't be more excited for my friends and anxious as well to see what a "firecracker" Conner will become!

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Praying for Conner...

I just got this VERY SWEET picture of Conner today. He is such a sweet strong baby and even after all the trauma he is still absolutely adorable!

Conner is stabilized and has been since about 7 last night. He is now on a pacemaker, to regulate his heart rate! Keep praying - the highs and lows have been extreme. Thank you friends...

Friday, September 28, 2007


I can't image the rollercoaster ride my friends are on but here is another update - this one not so good. BUT, we know that God can work this all out - so again - I ask you to stop and pray!!

Emergency prayer request! Please stop and pray! Connor has developed an arrhythmia and is not tolerating extubation. He has a fever of 103. His heart rate is 240. They are trying to get it all back down or they will have to reinsert the breathing tube. He is not happy and is struggling a lot. Please pray for God to help him and hold him since we can't.


I just got this personal email from Carla! I could just scream! Praise God, Praise God, Praise God!!

Connor is doing really well! We got to see him at 1 and the nurse told us he is a firecracker! Its like his heart is fixed now so he is gung ho and ready to get out of the bed! His nurse keeps having to put him back in place in the bed bc he is trying to wiggle out of it! He is still heavily sedated, but no longer on a paralytic. They are working on getting him off the breathing machine this afternoon maybe! His color is pink and prettier than I have ever seen it! He even has elasticity in his skin that I have never seen (his lips aren't even chapped)! His breathing is not labored and he is going to be 90 to nothing now that his heart is doing what its supposed to! He is still fighting his battle and things are up and down, were still in cicu and Ryan and I are across the street at the Marriott! Visiting hours are only 9 am, 1PM, 5PM, and 830PM and limited to 2 people. Call or email if you need us!

Bump in the Road...Keep Praying...

Here is another post from Carla. Please keep praying. My nephew Will had a similar surgery when he was 6 months so we've walked this path before, I guess that's why my heart is so burden for my friends. It is so heart wrenching but worth it all at the same time. This is for Conner's good...I was only an aunt and it was a huge experience. I can't image the pain my sister or brother in law went through and now my friends Carla and Ryan. But, on the flip side of things, seeing Will as a NEW KID, quite rambunctious and ALL BOY - I just want to reach out and tell my friends - you can do this and Conner will one day SOON be all boy and you'll be screaming at him to just settle down!! HA! But I know when you go through a trial like this that seems like a DREAM! And Conner has had some bumps but God I pray right now that is all they are - are bumps! Heal his precious body - we rejoice that you have brought him through the surgery so smooth! God, I pray for Carla and Ryan and the grandparents for overwhelming peace! Thank you for Conner and the testimony you are giving him of a GREAT God who delights in showing who exactly He is and ALL He can do!

If any of you would like to leave Carla a prayer or word of encouragement visit the website to the right or leave it in my comments! Thank you all my friends for joining this HUGE prayer chain! God is working! Thanks...

Whew! More updates for all of my most precious prayer warriors! We have now survived the longest day of our lives and are into the second day in CICU at UAB. I want to write thanks to all of you specifically and want to list some thanks, but am so afraid that I will forget someone, so please please forgive me if I do, I am so overwhelmed still today and love you all, but my brain isn't really working.
Little Connor had a rough night. It is kind of strange...we felt so much peace yesterday and last night (bc of your prayers and God holding me up), but this morning seeing my man was very rough. All of my heart friends will understand this lingo, but if you don't, please forgive me. Here is what they did (to my redneck understanding :) and his trouble last night.
Repair and patch large VSD, close asd, repair pulmonary stenocis (know I spelled wrong)..widen, cut, and reroute muscles surrounding heart
Last night Connors right atrial something or other :) (I know, I am so not a nurse) started swelling and his pressure and all of his stats were going way up and way down all the wrong way and he was developing a fever. I don't really know how dangerous this is, the nurse said not to worry that it was just a kink and that it would take time for him to heal, but it kind of upset me. They had to paralyze Connor so that he couldn't move and could get his stats under control. So, when I went in to see him at 9, he was coming off of the paralytic and broke my heart. He was trying to look at me and nana, and he heard our voices and saw our faces and tried to talk to us. The nurse kind of asked us to try and keep him calm and not talk to him too much so that he wouldn't get riled up and have to be paralyzed again. This was really hard. Please pray that we don't have too many "kinks" and that Connor can heal. I have heard so many stories of trouble coming out of nowhere and I am terrified to think we are out of the battle, but can lose him to the war.
Here are just some of the people that I am requesting you thank God for in your prayers. He has truly given you all to us in our most desperate time of need:
1. Bonnie Mackenzie-my neighbor who has unending cooked, cut my grass, taken care of us, and watched Abby
2. Bonnie's Bible Group
3. Meghan McClendon and Heidi Shullek-update my page for me when I am at the hospital and pray and do all of my work stuff for me
4. My bosses at work who have been so loving and understanding ..Adam Burst and Melanie Dickinson
5. Family and friends that came yesterday: Dennis and Patsy Parker,Walt & Shelia Henley,Brian Parker, Robby Parker, Jerrold and Joanne Parker, Peggy Kimbrell, Buddy and Norma Overton, Terry Woosley, Robin and Gloria Nelson, Pat Mercier, Brother Allan Murphy, Randy Tingle, Melba and Tony Poe, Debbie Roberts...if I forgot you please forgive me...
6. North Shelby Church Family-unending prayers and support
7. All churches/groups who have been praying and putting Connor and us on your lists and vigils and everyone who has left a note on his page
8. WDJC Listening Audience who prayed all day yesterday and showed up to show support...Wendy and Ken Lass, Ragan Abernathy, Stephanie in OR, nurses and docs all over UAB
9. Ryans work friends whose prayers and emails lifted him up when he was down
10. Page for setting up Barry Neils
13. Barry Neils who was in the OR with Connor and kept us updated throughout his surgery and checked on him all night
14. Everyone who has sent us a card, cooked us dinner, brought a gift, prayed....there are SO MANY of you that I haven't been able to write to you to thank you, but I promise your thoughts and love have not gone unnoticed
15. All of my heart friends who have continued to give us support...especially Stan Wheat and Stephanie Boyd and family
16. Dr. Jim Kirklin, Dr. Bennett Pearce, Dr. Steve King, Dr. Stacy Gilbert...
17. Baskets with food yesterday Cassie Burchell, Newfields Anniston (grandpas company), Melba & Tony Poe
18. Dinners cooked for my parents
My list could go on for days as I am so astounded at God's work through all of you. Thank you all! I know I left out soooo many! I will thank you and get to you once my brain starts working!
I love you all! Please, please, please continue to pray for Connor as he is struggling and fighting still. Please pray for his nurses in the CICU, his doctors, and that he doesn't have bumps in the road that could hurt him! Pray that God continues to hold him, because we can't. God Bless You All!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Update on Conner Logan

This is a message from Carla's journal...

Praise God from whom all blessings come! After the longest day of our lives we just got our first update on precious Connor. They are done with the procedure and told us that it went PERFECTLY! They said it could not have gone any better! When God does something he does it right! Why do we worry? Why do we doubt! God is faithful! God is strong! We are still in the waiting room and they are closing his chest right now! Words cannot express our gratitude for all your prayers! Truly Gods followers we're gathered today and truly God has worked in little Connor and in the peace we have felt in the waiting room today! We are not thru, still waiting to see little man and close everything, so please continue to pray, but he isn't in our hands! God is here and holding us all! He truly does 'have the whole world in his hands'! And today my whole world was Connor! God bless! Carla

We rejoice with you Carla! Thank you my sweet friends for praying for this baby you don't even know! I love, love, love the sweet fellowship of the saints! Thanks again! Way to go Conner...

Monday, September 24, 2007

Pray for Conner Logan

Update - the surgery is set for this Thursday September 27th at UAB.

Hey friends and prayer warriors! Please lift up Conner Logan Henley in prayer as you come across this blog. Carla (Conner's mom) and Ryan (Conner's dad) are both friends of mine from High School. Conner was born in July and since then has fought for his life. He has a hole in his heart and was scheduled for surgery October 5 but this past weekend went into congestive heart failure and has been hooked up to a feeding tube and they are trying to get the surgery moved to a sooner date. Conner is a fighter and so is Carla. Carla is holding on to the promises that God is a good God, that He is mighty to save and still works miracles! In talking with her she says her faith is strengthened she believes God is in control and is working out a purpose. But PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE pray for Ryan. He is not as strong in his faith and she has mentioned that he is questioning God and he is possibly even mad at God right now!! Pray that he will see God's plan - even though none of us has seen it yet! Pray that God does GREAT things through this child so that Ryan can see the God we serve! If you want to know more about Conner Logan visit - and please lift the Henley family up to the throne today! Ask God to do amazing things! We serve a GREAT God who is mighty to save! Thanks...

Sunday, September 16, 2007

New City Downtown

Right now I'm sitting in our "oh, so nice vacation home," our "home away from home!" I couldn't be happier and more content spending the weekend with the Watson's! We will definitely have a come apart when it's time to go (all of us!) - like in an hour and a half. Noah, Anna, and Elijah have just had the best time together! Makes vacation so much easier, the kids being content that is!

If you haven't heard, Keith has been in the process of planting a church in Downtown Macon called New City Church. Well, today was the first service and WOW the Lord was faithful. Isn't He always? There were about 200 people there and everything went so smooth...from the service, powerpoint, band, nursery, even preaching was good, yes even preaching!! We were reminded of "our story" our redemption story, God pursuing us. Pretty amazing to think about!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The Secret Place

It's a baby update!!

Today I went to the Dr. everything is "right on target." So far so good. We got to see that little heart just a beating! I really cannot make heads or tails of this picture. So, I can't help anyone out! Right under the words is the baby but is that it's head or...I have no idea! I think the dr. zoomed in on it so it looks a lot bigger than the 8 week picture I have of Anna. All babies are different and I really shouldn't be comparing them. I just thought there would be more definition. This is definitely the "unformed substance"! But I know some of you wanted to see so GOOD LUCK!

For you formed my inward parts; you knitted me together in my mother’s womb. I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works; my soul knows it very well. My frame was not hidden from you, when I was being made in secret, intricately woven in the depths of the earth. Your eyes saw my unformed substance; in your book were written, every one of them, the days that were formed for me, when as yet there was none of them. Ps. 139:13-16

It is so neat to be pregnant and reflect on that verse! The Lord really is at work - weaving and knitting my precious bundle of joy! Thank you God for this baby "Wonderful are your works, my soul knows it very well!"

Friday, September 7, 2007

Thanks for the Tag...

Okay, I've been tagged by Jamie - I hope you play along too!!

Players, you must list one fact that is somehow relevant to your life for each letter of your middle name. If you don’t have a middle name, use the middle name you would have liked to have had.When you are tagged, you need to write your own blog post containing your own middle name game facts.At the end of your blog post, you need to choose one person for each letter of your middle name to tag. Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’re tagged & to read your blog!Laine is adding this rule: if you comment to this post, PLEASE write your middle name and fun facts because I think it would be fun to know all my blogging friends' middle names and fun facts about themselves! And because we have so much spare time these days, right?

L - Love to laugh and have a good time!

E - Everyone should know I'm a Jazzercise FREAK!

I - I think being a girl is SO fun!

G - Going to Phantom of the Opera in Oct - favorite show!

H - Had a GREAT time last night enjoying some good "Christian Fellowship" - (someone had to blog about it!)

Okay, I'm going to tag...Southern Cheesehead, Ginger, Conner, Janet, and Crystal! Oh, one more Amy - she needs a new post! Enjoy!!

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Sunny Side Up...

This is SHORT! The seventh week of pregnancy has not been good to me! I won't take up your time with all my whining - but please Pray!

Okay, some good news - the homeschool class was cancelled BUT when that happened we had a few parents email Jason and wanted to reschedule!! YAY! So, I think, we have 3 students! They will meet on Tuesday - and I'm so excited because three is better than ZERO! So, thank you so much for praying for us! The Lord is providing in some neat ways from people we didn't expect! Which is ALWAYS encouraging! He never uses the people we think He will use!

And I did want to share that we got to spend some time this past weekend with my VERY FIRST youth pastor and his wife Tim and Kathee Hagler. They are missionaries in Honduras and have been for 13 years. They were home on furlough and they are always a lot of fun! Susan has pictures! I will post when I get them! The kids had a GREAT time with their kids and it was so nice being with them as an adult. It made me appreciate them so much more - they really are a privilege to know! And I have been constantly amazed at the bond between Christians. We just picked right up where we left off - it's been 6 years since I've seen them and I love them just the same and they love me too - just the same! No, what do we talk about or awkward moments! I can't wait to see them again in three more years. Maybe sooner! They are part of a Church plant in Honduras and Tim also teaches in a Mobile Bible Institute training pastors - which Jason loves that idea - we would love to go down there on a mission trip someday and be apart of that world! Oh and Keith and Amy - when we do go - y'all (and the kids) have to go with us! Their kids are around the same age as yours - it seems right up your alley too! You'll love them too! Just a heads up - when we say it's time to go - be ready!

Well, this hasn't been SO short! But please pray that I start feeling well! I HATE BEING SICK! I'm the biggest weenie when it comes to being sick! But I know this will pass and as odd as it seems I've heard MS is a good thing because it means everything is working the right way! Isn't there some other way though! Okay, no more groaning - this is it! Pray...

One more thing, for those interested in baby stories you HAVE to read my friend Laurie's baby experience! WOW, you don't want to miss this...scared the pants off me!! Here's the link - Laurie is NOW The Super Mom - A lot of you ladies are a close second (Laine) but - you know the story! You can't argue, can you?

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Bump in the Road...

Amazing how good news and bad news come all at the same time this week! I still rejoice with you that my questions of teaching were answered. That was a big sigh of relief for me!

BUT, yesterday Jason told me that he got a email from the Headmaster saying that the homeschool group could NOT meet during his "free time". They had approved the use of his room and just overlooked that the time issue would be a problem. He had very good reasons and we completely understand (he hated to tell us in light of Jason just leaving the church but his hands were tied). So, last night they canceled the homeschool class because there was NO WAY to reschedule this late in the game. School starts next week (or that class would have started next week)! So, we were up to 10 students which would have provided about $400 a month for us - during the actual school year.

So now with GREAT anticipation we wait for the Lord to provide in some other way. The homeschool lady we've been working with has been very helpful and is VERY confident that next year we will have more students. We've had a great response from the parents and it seems they want this - so, we just have to wait until next year! We started late in getting in this group and we actually thought the class would be much smaller because of that. But the Lord is doing something - so again, Pray!!

The meeting with the SMI director of missions was somewhat encouraging! He said there have been a lot of missions applications put in and they will have to "Choose" who will be supported by SMI. He said the "good news" is that none of those missionaries are "Apologists" so that is a plus for us. He also said the process is long - which we expected.

Excited to see how the Lord provides....

Wednesday, August 29, 2007


YAY - The Lord has made clear our path!

Quick I know, but Jason talked to Mr. Crump yesterday about this position (K4). And he said "IF" they can get the 5th student they will need an immediate teacher - like a week from now! Well, that's it! I can't do it! I cannot leave my beloved ARC hanging with no replacement. FLATTERED - YES - That they even considered me!

I'm still so excited about doing the Kindergarten music. That is my desire and has been for a year now! I want to see that position go somewhere. I generally have a hard time saying no to things but since they considered me this time - I figure if I want it (later) - they can consider me again (at a better time for me, after sitting under and possibly subbing in K4 - after getting some experience, and MOST DEFINITELY AFTER HAVING THIS BABY!!). And if not, really I'm ecstatic about my music class! I did consider this opportunity for Jason - I think he wanted me to give it a try - and I think he was also flattered they considered me without either of us "asking" for the position. Can you image me teaching K4 Jazzercise - ha (that's for you Shalita - you know that's what I'll be doing in "music")! I also talked to my sister and she said - NO WAY - don't do that to yourself! She said with me being pregnant I would basically be putting a lot of stress on myself! I love having a sister that can be so honest - who knows me and my personality and knows that I would go into self destruct! She definitely wants me to give it a try one day though!

I love, love, love what Graced said!! If you didn't read it I'm posting it here because it just may apply to you! And I thought about you Ginger - when you were talking about making decisions - Graced is such a gentle spirit and a very thoughtful person - she's my "Cyberspace Mentor" - and I know she is that to a lot of you other girls too! Aren't you so glad we KNOW GRACED! I feel privilege at this point! Okay so here's her "comment" -

Friend, I know that God will tell you and Jason exactly what steps to take just as it is time for you to take them. Let your mind be at peace, there is no decision to be made today. I have to throw in a bit of personal experience. Whenever God has launched us into a new path, many opportunities have suddenly come bounding forward. Most of them look great and, more importantly, offer the security I crave. God is teaching me that not all good offers are good for me. Often He wants us to stay out on that limb of faith learning to enjoy swinging in the breeze. I believe that Satan uses security to tempt me out of God's will very often. He can tempt us with the good to ruin us for the great. Please understand that I am not saying that this opportunity is wrong, it just reminded me of my own journey. God never fails to answer the prayer that cries out for His will.I am proud of you.

My favorite is: He (Satan) can tempt us with the good to ruin us for the great! I want the GREAT! I want security for sure but the Lord is providing! Please continue to pray for our support raising efforts. Jason is meeting with SMI missions director tonight to seek support there. Hopefully we can get monthly support from them! Pray, Pray, Pray!! He has other meetings lined up and pray that they will bring about fruit! I covet your prayers my dear friends in Christ!

Monday, August 27, 2007

What's a Girl To Do?

I'm fading SO fast. I have a lump in my throat and I could gag if I gave into it! I haven't been "sick" yet! But I've been pretty miserable now for about a week! Some days I get over it good - like yesterday and I know that was all the Lord's doings - it was our last Sunday at Valley East. We had a great time with our "family" there. I'm in complete denial that we are actually gone.

Today, I'm at work and miserable - I'm just waiting on Jason to bring the kids to me so I can go home! But while waiting, he called me with some NEWS! SMCS is considering ME for the next K4 teacher position. They have 4 students on the waiting list and if they get 5 they open a new class! Before pregnancy I would give this thing a try for sure! I don't have an application in for this position - NOTHING - OUT OF THE BLUE! I have NO PEACE - I haven't prayed about it either - but I have to wonder -what is God doing?!?! I'M PREGNANT! I think the music position is perfect for me - but the pay is nothing compared to a teaching position. I have NO experience - other than CBS - but that is ONCE A WEEK - and Bible oriented! When I was growing up I always wanted to be a teacher but when college came I just wasn't up for the "work" of getting a teaching degree. I know that is so lame but it's true. I just told Kim in her blog I was not into college! I did however get my Associates Degree and I had SOME education courses - ALONG TIME AGO! My sister taught at SMCS and she has given our family a good name there! Hence, Jason getting the job (mostly Quinn's doing) and me getting the music position. The K4 position does not require a college education and my associates helps with me getting the job. BUT, again what is God doing? I know I won't be up to the challenge until October...Then in April I'm having a baby...BUT, summers off and this baby would be 5 months old when we went back to school - all that sounds so good! But, should I work as a teacher, who would keep the baby? I love the thought of all of us being together at SMCS but I feel so unprepared! I can't believe they want me for this position. It makes me feel so special that I'm on their list of prospects but a fear came over me and I asked Jason - "Do I even know my vowel sounds?" AAAHHH!! I'm amazed at all the possibilities that are beginning to open and I do not want to close any doors out of fear! So, pray - that our path would be made VERY clear and that I can say No if there is no peace and Yes if peace comes. As for right now I'm still happy and content with my music position - I want that position to go somewhere and work more full-time!

My mind continues to get bogged down in the possibilities of where the Lord is taking us! Continue to pray for us as Jason starts this new ministry! We found out yesterday that he has 3 homeschoolers for this year - maybe more but 3 for sure!

Okay, one last thing...It's funny too! Anna got in trouble today at school. When she went to the Bathroom she covered herself in soap! Mrs. Moore made her go tell Jason at lunch and she knew she was in trouble. So maybe that did it! Maybe we won't have too much trouble out of her! She has done really good up until this point so maybe this was what she needed to settle her down. Jason said she was visibly upset about what she did and he's pretty sure she learned her lesson! Oh Anna! What are we going to do with her? Mrs. Moore and Jason both had a good laugh after she went away...

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Exhausted and Distracted

I'm so tired I can barely hold my eyes open. I don't remember being this tired with the other two but today I'm useless. I'm supposed to be working but it's so quite in here and I'm feeling pretty cozy! And I'm supposed to be typing our newsletter but I'm so tired I can barely read what to type. It's amazing! I haven't felt this tired in a VERY LONG TIME! It's like the tired when you get after a good meal, in the warm sun, lazy day tired. I'm starting to feel like that yogurt commercial..."This is massage good" or "This is bubble bath good" or "This is a new pair of shoes good" well, I'm like: "About to scream tired!"
I'm also very distracted...I wish I could just forget about being pregnant for about 3 months - just until I'm farther along. It's amazing how much my brain is filled with...What's it gonna look like, is it a boy or girl, wonder how much it will weigh, am I going to get sicker than this, wonder what it's doing right now, what bedding should I pick, carseat, stroller, highchair...I'VE GOT OTHER THINGS TO DO AND THINK ABOUT! I'm just so excited!
I made my first Dr. appointment yesterday for Sept 11 - I'll then be 8 weeks! YAY! I know it's all so new and that's why it is constantly on my mind. It's an unreal thought to me - ME PREGNANT AGAIN! I don't know why it seems so unreal - I've been pregnant twice before, I should be an old pro...BUT, it still amazes me that God has allowed me to have another baby, that another baby will grow inside me for 9 months, and that another baby will be apart of our family!! WHOO HOO! Our God is GREAT, he does AMAZING things, and he is WORTHY of all praise! Every good and perfect gift comes down from the Father!
Thank you Jesus for my gift of LIFE!

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Pachelbel Bedtime

Here's another stolen blog from Brian Brannam. This is so funny and all our thoughts exactly...ENJOY!!

This is so funny to me b/c I posted this last night, cries at bedtime, Anna up in the middle of the night...AND this morning we had the "crying" and now that I'm at work and it is VERY peaceful - I laugh out loud and THANK YOU JESUS for my family and these times that I know will pass very quickly! I thank God for my family and their uniqueness and that I'm not alone in this "heir raising experience"! I know many of you are going through the same thing and can relate...It's fun! The good outweighs the bad!! And I keep telling myself - They will get it back - I KNOW I AM!!

Friday, August 17, 2007

Mixed Emotions - More than likely due to hormonal imbalance!!

School officially started today...I definitely had mixed emotions! Somewhere deep, deep down I know I am singing the Hallelujah Chorus! I've been looking forward to this day for, well, all summer! This morning I was feeling good - excited about school - not even thinking all the sad mom thoughts. But our ride to school is about 30 mins and while driving I all the sudden got sad, but I pushed those thoughts aside - thinking NO WAY AM I GOING THERE! This is GREAT.

Well, it wasn't rainy when I left the house so I didn't think it would be at school. But right when I drove up it started to rain. I was going to drop the kids off in car pool but Anna's mat was in the trunk so I decided to take them in. MISTAKE! Last year when I sent Noah I took him through car pool and cried on the way to work. I should have done the carpool thing. This year I took that step and walked them in.

They have a "holding room" where all the Kindergartners stay during carpool - then they all walk together to the kindergarten hall and into their classrooms. Noah walked right in looking for his class to get in line with. I have to admit I think the chaos got to me. The teachers were scattered helping various kids, the kids were forming lines, and Anna just stood in the door. I told her what line to go in but she just walked behind me and stood. My heart sank. But in Mrs. Moore got her and she went right with her with no fight and stood in her line. Then Mrs. Moore turns to me and starts talking about how fine she will be and I broke. Tears started flowing and I could not stop! I was a little embarrassed. Our family is a family of extremes! I hate crying especially in public because I very rarely can get it together and it is NOT a pretty sight. I'm sure I freaked Mrs. Moore out! I just had to walk away...I really felt a little ridiculous! A sweet little tear would have satisfied my soul but the flood - my goodness.

It's not sending them to school that gets me every time. It's the "WHAT THE" look that they get...The "I'm not sure what's going on here" look, the "Can I do this" look. There is NO OTHER PERSON in the WORLD I would rather leave my child with than Mrs. Moore. She is so gentle and sweet and she really truly loves the kids in her class.

Well, there's nothing like work to get your mind off being so sad! Today was one day I was glad I had a job. And that reminded me how GREAT it was that Anna was in school! She would have been miserable today if she had to go to work with me. Instead she met new friends and played on the playground. I told Noah to watch out for Anna and sit with her at lunch. Well today I asked him if he sat with her at lunch and he said "No, I sat with ___ because he had the same backpack as me" WHAT! So much for that - he said she sat with some girls who were in his class last year! I knew she was in good hands. Mrs. Moore described Anna as a "free spirit" - she said she came right in the class and took her shoes off and got comfortable. She also mentioned how different she is than Noah - Noah and Mrs. Moore had a special bond last year and I don't think he can be replaced by his "free spirited" sister!

Noah was more than excited to be in the same class with James and Mrs. Vigneulle is a GREAT teacher - I think she will be perfect for Noah and he will learn a lot under her care! She said Noah was great today and a good helper!

So, all in all, they had a GREAT day and the kids even cried when I picked them up 1 hour early so they wouldn't have to nap!! I was trying to be nice but...Actually I wanted to be the one they napped with!

The day has ended with us all home - EVEN JASON! We were all so glad to see him! And more than that I'm so glad I don't have to drop them off until NEXT YEAR! I love that Jason does that everyday - so now I can experience the true joy I feel now that they are in school!!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Can't Keep a Secret

How many of these things do I have to take before I can believe ONE of them?!? Well, the results are in and I'M PREGNANT! So excited! VERY NERVOUS! We don't quite understand God's timing but we will take the "blessing"! The more I think about timing the more I realize - there is NO GOOD TIME! You just gotta go with it! If you know me - you know I can't keep something like this (or good Christmas presents) a secret! So, I'm VERY EARLY PREGNANT - 4 weeks! But pregnant non-the-least!

Funny how it all worked out! Yesterday I looked up when I should start my period - I do that occasionally when I feel like it's coming on...and it said I should have started yesterday. I held off buying a test because come on one day...well, in the mail yesterday we got a box of Emfamil - as an advertisement! I laughed to myself and thought - wouldn't that be funny! But then, I never started (and I can't stand not knowing) so that night I went to the store and bought a "Equate" test - the results didn't come up fast - I did see a negative though so I chunked it and I hate to say it was a tad relieved (only b/c of timing - June would have been GREAT). This morning still no period so I don't know what possessed me to get the thing out of the trash but I did and it was a BIG POSITIVE! So, I took another but again the results weren't fast so I stuck it in the toilet to get it more wet (disgusting I know) but I also thought - this will dilute it and it will say no and I can make it through the day without being so nervous! BUT, it said POSITIVE!! So tonight I bought a good ole EPT! Immediately positive and just to be sure I took the last "Equate" test and they all came back POSITIVE! So, I think it's pretty safe to say - We're HAVING A BABY!

(why this came in the mail I have NO IDEA - my kids are 5 and 3)

Noah is so excited and can't believe it because he said "Mom, you're not even fat!" Love that boy! But the questions are starting to come - like "how does it come out!" AAAAHHHH!! Didn't have to answer those questions when pregnant with Anna! Any clever answers? Jason is away at retreat but he is SO excited and was telling everyone he pasted - Baby #3 on the way! I could hear cheers in the background! It was funny, I did cry to him because of all the changes in our life - I felt irresponsible - but he quickly reassured me the Lord was in control, children are a blessing from the Lord, and that he (Jason) couldn't be more thrilled! I wish he could have been here (although he probably would have told me to quit taking so many tests)!

So, PRAY, PRAY, PRAY that I'm not going to get sick! With Noah I was horrible sick, Anna, a little better, so pray this is not at all! I must work the next couple of months while we raise support! The Lord is faithful and I know He will work it out - He's done it twice before!


Sunday, August 12, 2007

Something New...

Calling all cooks! I'm in desperate need of new recipes - quick and easy and OBVIOUSLY TASTY! Not desserts main meals. I had this idea if I got a group of women together to give their favorite recipe - the one you make when you don't know what to make - or the one you have at least once a week or every two weeks - then this busy life I'm embarking on will just be a little bit easier! I want THE EASY ONE! So for Amy, who I just took her whole cookbook and raided her recipe box you will have to post your favorite not for me but for the others reading the blog! I just got a new recipe from the NORTH! The lady we stayed with in PA made us the following when we stayed with her. I've made it now twice - it's different and good! Jason loves it! So here is my ONE recipe!

Zucchini and Sausage Casserole


2-3 medium zucchini

1lb. of sausage

1/2 cup of green pepper

1/2 cup of onion

1 cup of crackers

1 cup cubed cheese

2 slightly beaten eggs

Cut 2-3 medium zucchini and parboil.
Brown 1lb. of sausage with 1/2 cup of green pepper and 1/2 cup of diced onion. Drain off fat. Put into casserole dish with zucchini and add 1 cup of cracker crumbs, 1 cup of cubed cheese, and 2 slightly beaten eggs. Bake at 350 for 30-45 mins.

I hope you participate...we can all benefit!!

Friday, August 10, 2007

Family and Ministry Updates...

So the BEST news I have to share is concerning Anna! I couldn't be more excited for her. Our plan this year was me work full time (at least 30 hours a week) and Anna was going to go with me! She does really good up at the office but I hate it for her and we both are miserable up there. She has to play by herself and I cannot give her the attention she needs. SO, anyway, yesterday Noah wanted to go up to Shades Mountain to see Mrs. Moore - so I took him and we were talking about my "new position" (details in the next paragraph) and Mrs. Moore said: "I'm going to ask Mr. Crump if Anna can go ahead and start K4 and be in my class." She left right then. I told her to let me know - I'd be in Jason's room! I personally did NOT want to have a meeting with Mr. Crump or push the issue, or break any rules. Mrs. Moore came back and said he was at a meeting but there is a possibility! WELL, Jason brought home her application yesterday and she is in Mrs. Moore's class this year! I SCREAMED in the car when Jason said, "Oh, by the way, Anna's in!!" So, so far, Anna (if she can keep up) will NOT have to go to ARC with me this year! I couldn't be more happy for her! She has been saying she wanted to go to school with Noah and Daddy, and we are up there all the time, she is very comfortable with the idea! I'm pretty sure she will get in trouble more than Noah did but I'm hoping she will surprise us! I think she will thrive in this structured environment! It's amazing how the Lord has worked this out at a time when I needed to work! Noah is so excited, he said, "Anna, you get to play Star Wars with me and James on the playground!" I'm sure she is thrilled about that. She already knows a little boy in her class too - Constantine (in the picture) - he was in Noah's class last year and really took up with Anna when we came to visit! I'm ecstatic - can't quit talking about it!!

So what's my new position? I've officially been asked to be the Kindergarten Music Teacher. I am confident the Lord has given me this opportunity and He has prepared me for this job by working with Beth at CBS and my years of directing VBS! How did this come about you may ask? Well, James here and Noah have become BEST FRIENDS! James mom was the music teacher last year and she noticed them becoming close. I finally met her at a thanksgiving lunch they had at the school and she knew my sister from years past. So we immediately clicked! We were talking one day and I told her that the Kindergarten Music position would be a "stay at home mom dream job!" She said well, I love it but I'm gonna have to give up something - if you are really interested let me know! I told her I was but assumed the position would not open for at least another year! She is very involved at the school and the church and had too much on her plate (her words). She recommended me to Mr. Crump for the job and WAALAA - Kindergarten - here I come! Ever since my sister worked there I wanted to somehow be involved in the school when my kids were old enough to go! I have NO teaching degree so I knew it wouldn't be teaching an actual class - not sure I was up to that even at a K4 level. But I really thought that my foot in the door was Jason teaching HS or somewhere down the line doing some sort of clerical work there. BUT GOD, who knows all our steps has led me to this place a place that suits me! I couldn't be more excited than to step right in and thank Him for the way HE worked out all the details! So now all four Dollars are at SMCS - maybe we'll take over! HA!!

This is so long I know but I haven't even told you about our church and what Jason has been up to! Hang in there - this will probably be short!

Jason has officially started school - I can't believe it's that time again! We are of course excited especially considering all I just explained. We did tell our church a couple of weeks ago that we would be pursuing this new ministry and they took it well. They are so sweet! Tears still fill my eyes when I think about what Pat Lacey said, "That's great Jason, you will be great at that - GO MAKE US PROUD!" With a lump in her throat she voiced what others agreed with. I'm so proud of Jason, he has done a GREAT job leading that church and those people have become FAMILY in every sense of the word! I just can't imagine not worshipping with them. It's bitter sweet for sure! Going where God is leading is ALWAYS exciting and adventurous but leaving behind the comfort and stability of today is hard!

We went to Liberty Baptist Church in Chelsea Wednesday night and we are possibly scheduled for next week too! The kids there were so responsive - it was a miniUCF. Some parents came up to me and told me Jason did a great job and I thought he did great myself. One parent who homeschools was interested in getting Jason to teach her son apologetics (upon his request). So that was exciting! Pray with us that the Lord continues to open doors to speak and provides support for this ministry. Thank you so much for all those who have provided financially to us already! May the Lord multiply your gifts. For more specific updates about Jason go to

Thanks for staying with the blog! Maybe I won't wait so long next time to blog...

Home Improvements

First of all, I've been wanting to show you my Bathroom, Bedroom, and Hallway - but haven't found the time! So, when we were in PA our friend Ronnie finished our bathroom (which has been in shambles for over 3 years now), painted my bedroom and did work on the hallway!


This alone would have made me so happy! To finally have a "nice" bathroom again! YAY! I could sing the Hallelujah chorus! But the added bonus was my room was changed from Yellow (a color I thought I liked - but wore out) to a white with a very small tint of beige and my Hallway looks GREAT! It no longer has the traces of crayon! These are the beginning of our "home repairs" - we will probably put our house on the market soon! PRAY IT SELLS! I'm asking people to pray it sells before we even have it on the market! We have a crack in our foundation and NO MONEY to repair it! This selling of the house will be a miracle from God. Hopefully we will be able to testify of how HE worked out all the details! AMY, Jason and I are going to have a work day in the basement in the two weeks! All my plastic bags have to go - I threw one away yesterday! YAY ME! We aren't in a huge rush to move - I understand the process is long but we are moving in that direction. So here are the other pictures:

Bedroom Before

Bedroom After

Hallway Before

Hallway After

So there you have it! The only thing I have left is the Kitchen...that will probably get done in about 3 years if I had to guess....HA!