Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy 4th of July

We celebrated the 4th with friends ALL.DAY.LONG!! We went swimming with the Dibens then went to Erin's house for dinner and fireworks!  Couldn't ask for a better day!


Love Coke's new promotion.

There's always fun with CAKE!

Happy Birthday BOYS!!! 

ALL my Children!  Yes... Riley thinks she's a Dollar.

Tyler, Lee, and Adam really know how to light up the sky!  Hueytown was all in lights!


Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Happy Birthday BOYS!

For Isaac's birthday he wanted to go to ChuckeCheese.  Should be fun enough.  EXCEPT... Anna is still TERRIFIED of Chucke!  TERRIFIED.'s not about her.  She was pretty scared and we had to talk to her about it several days in advance.  That it's just a costume.  That she's bigger now and she probably wouldn't be scared anymore.  But fear is fear.  Nothing logical about it sometimes. 

So when we get there they are making the announcement.  Chucke is coming out in 5 mins... and it's a countdown.  Every.Minute. with an update.  But he was really no where to be seen.  So she was freaking out in a booth.  Wouldn't play any games and wouldn't let me get up to get a drink, play a game, or watch the big kids.  So finally after 30 minutes of FREAKOUT.  I ask the manager when he comes out.  It's every hour at the 30 minute mark...just FYI for those of you who share her fear.  So, she had 30 minutes to play without wondering if he was going to walk up behind her or her run into him.  Which was GREAT!  She had a blast at that point. 

Then the announcement comes on again.  5 MINUTES TILL CHUCKECHEESE.  And here she comes.  Wide eyed RUNNING to the booth.  But Mary and Isaac found him this time.  And we convinced her to take a picture with all of us for Isaac's birthday.  She's such a brave girl.  Overcame her fears for her brother.  I'm pretty sure she realized he's not so scary, because when we left she said, "I think I want my next bday party here!"  And at which point I said, HECK TO THE NO!!!  She enjoys torturing me sometimes.   

So happy HAPPY 5th Birthday to Isaac and 38th to Jason.  Love you boys so much.  You each mean the world to me!  You brighten all my days with your love!  I hope you had a great time celebrating with ChuckeCheese! 

Thursday, June 26, 2014


I feel like our summer is struggling... but we are trying to make the most of it.  But mostly we are taking advantage of being lazy.  That's what it's about, right?  The lazy days of summer?

Swimming with friends and their Dogs

Water Balloon fights with neighbors

Memorial Day party

Longing to go outside

Friday Nights with Rey & Thursday Nights with Nathan and Lauren

Eye exams

Dentist appointments
Breakfast with Christy

Playing in Chicken Coops

Lazy Summer day... EATING JUNK!

Riding in jeeps with BOYS!

Pool time!

Horseback riding lessons

Movies in the Park!

More swimming with friends

Now I feel better...We've done things.  It's not a total bust and it's not over yet!! 

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

I'm 34!

I had a great 34th Birthday!  I went to work...which meant I got 7.50 hours away from 5 kiddos.  ha!  No one really knew it was my birthday until one of my downstairs coworkers called (she saw it on FB).  So my boss scurries downstairs and tells her he had no idea...He needed something!  All they had were some muffins left over from the Women's Biblestudy that had just ended.  So, he snagged one and kept it in his office until my Birthday Buddy Barbara came up stairs singing birthday praises!  He comes out with a muffin with a candle and they sing Happy Birthday...and Wah-lah!  It's a party.  Loved it.  The creativity was knocked out of the park.


When I got home there was a cookie cake on the counter and Jason said we were going to dinner!  A treat in itself.  But then he had my family there (minus my brother - he was at the beach) and asked my really good friend Shea (who had sick baby - but she drove by anyway).  He knows how to make me feel special.  Family and friends and I'm set for a while.  Not to mention Cookie Cake!!  Money well spent. 

Not to mention to top the night off Eden took a couple of steps.  Not many...but I think she's on her way! 

So here goes 34!