Thursday, September 25, 2014


Noah is playing McAdory Football this year!  I love it.  I think he's really enjoyed it too!!  He has just made me so proud - I think he is the CUTEST thing EVER!  I can't get enough.  I just lose my mind when he hits the field.  And he just laughs.  I just love that kid!

Something about that Jersey makes me lose my MIND!  CUTE CUTE CUTE

We are in Jacket Country!!




We WON against Briarwood!!  FUN!

I love that he is playing my old schools!  He's played Riverchase, Chelsea, and Briarwood.  SO FUN!   These are the days! 

Sunday, September 7, 2014

GIRLS Beach Trip!

We went on a girls trip and to say we had fun is quite the understatement!!  It was so great to be kidless for a couple of days.  In the SUN and at the POOL.  We really didn't have a care in the world and 90s Rock on Pandora was the background music to our weekend.  Hope this one becomes a tradition!

Riley got real creative with ducktape while we were gone!  Made us all bows!  And of course...we had to sport them!

Thursday, August 7, 2014

1st Day Do-Over

After much needed:

Anna is feeling much better!  And ready to rock this year!  Happy 1st Day Do-over!! 
No panic this morning!  Love this crazy kid!

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

First Day of School 2014

So happy for these kids!  All going to school.  With 4 kids going to school the emotions range drastically. 

Kindergarten, 1st grade, 5th grade, 7th grade
And we thought this day would never come!
Now Eden...if we could just get her to Kindergarten

Noah: 7th grade.  He doesn't want to go to school.  He's too cool for school.  He just wants it to be summer EVERYDAY!  Well... It's school.  And guess what?  He liked it.  He loved seeing all his friends.  Friends...That's what we are there for!  FRIENDS!

Anna:  5th grade.  She was in pure PANIC mode.  Poor thing.  Her acid reflux has been flaring up and her stomach has been hurting for weeks.  We changed her medicine and she should be feeling better soon.  BUT she was terrified of being sick in her class.  WHO DOESN'T REMEMBER THAT FEAR!?!  But she made it there through many tears.  She even made me cry and worry all day.  But you know when she started feeling better?  When I left!  THANKS ANNA!  And she asked me to do all that!!  She's a nutso!  But I love her and truth be told...she's ME! And she had a great day ...and loves school, her teacher, and her friends!

Mary: 1st grade.  SWEET SWEET MARY!  She was so excited to go to school.  To wear her new shoes and carry a new lunch box.  Oh the joys of school.  She loved her "real" desk (she doesn't sit at a table anymore), her pink pencil box, and her teacher.  She's ready to meet new friends and have a great year.  She was so ready and so grown!

ISAAC: KINDERGARTEN!!!  Do I need to say it again?!?  Kindergarten!!!!  He has not really wanted to go to school until just a couple of weeks ago and today he was PUMPED.  He got a new backpack, new shoes, school supplies, lunchbox.  He was ready to meet his teacher, RECESS,  and to see friends in his class.  Logan (a friend from church) is in his class so he was FEARLESS!  FEARLESS, I SAY!   So sad good-byes or tears from him or me there!  We thought this day would never come and it's here!!!  And he was happy to go.  So happy for him and proud of him!! 

So majority was HAPPY but the squeaky wheel always get the grease.  So ANNA DOLLAR!!!  My heart ached for her all day and I'm so proud she came out on top!  She's a trooper. 

Love these Dollar kids!




Fun First DAY!!!!  Here we GOOOOOOO!

1st day of Kindergarten!

They did it!!!  Loved it.  So proud. 

Saturday, July 26, 2014


The time has come that my worlds collide.  Work meets Church/life!  I couldn't have been happier! Barbara came out to Rock Mountain Lakes to lead the kids conference.  We talked about why and how to SHINE the light of Jesus.  She did so great.  She made me so proud even though she will say it's not her...only see Jesus!  And we did. 

This conference took the place of our VBS and I hope we can start doing this every year.  It was so much easier, it was different, and the kids LOVED it.  Everyone did great.  We had teams of parents, Adam and Jake did great at games, Jamie led crafts - which were all missions related. 

We spend a ton of money every year on decorations for VBS.  Most of the budget goes to decorating.  Building this bridge with Briarwood we were able to put all the money budgeted towards supplies for the mission project, we gave $300 to Restoration Academy, and also paid Barbara.  All the money went out to help someone else.  NOT to decorations we trash at the end of the week. 



See the video here

Monday, July 21, 2014

Elsa and Anna

So thankful for friends that will brave a crowd.  My friend Britt took Isaac and Mary to see Elsa and Anna at Chickfila.  They had a blast.  Isaac said, "I've never seen them before!"  He loves frozen and loves Elsa and Anna. 

Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy 4th of July

We celebrated the 4th with friends ALL.DAY.LONG!! We went swimming with the Dibens then went to Erin's house for dinner and fireworks!  Couldn't ask for a better day!


Love Coke's new promotion.

There's always fun with CAKE!

Happy Birthday BOYS!!! 

ALL my Children!  Yes... Riley thinks she's a Dollar.

Tyler, Lee, and Adam really know how to light up the sky!  Hueytown was all in lights!